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Active Ingredients
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Active Ingredients

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Q. effects of pesticides
Thanks for the very prompt response. Also what is your opinion of Suspend SC vs. the following: 1) Bifen (2) Cy Kick (3) Tempo SC Ultra (4) Phantom (5) Demon WP (6) Tengard
A.   Suspend SC is the most comparable to Bifen I/T and Tempo SC Ultra.

Demon WP is a wetable powder that kills in the same way but because it is a powder base, you will have a visible residue. Technically, it can be used indoors on baseboards, windowsills, and doorframes where the surface is white and the residue will not show up as easily, but homeowners prefer to use it for outdoor applications only.

Although Tengard is a liquid and is labeled for indoor and outdoor use, it is usually used outdoor because of the odor and the oil base.

Cy-kick and Phantom are both liquids like Suspend but work a little bit differently. Cy-kick is a capsultated suspension concentrate, which means the delay is longer but the residual time (time after it is applied that it continues to kill for) is longer as well. Therefore, in comparison to Suspend SC, which has a indoor residual of about 3 months, Cy-Kick CS has an indoor residual of about 4 months, which is much longer than Suspend.

Phantom Insecticide has the same residual as Suspend SC, but it is a non-repellent. This also means that like Cy-kick, the delay kill effect is longer, however, because it is a non-repellent, insects are not able to detect it as far as taste and smell.

Of the listed products you have suggested, Bifen I/T and Tempo SC Ultra is the most comparable. Suspend SC, Bifen I/T, and Tempo SC Ultra are all water based solutions with similar residual times and the same kill effect. The main difference is going to be the active ingredient, which will effect the list of target pests.

Keep in mind that none of the products are "better" than the other. They all work a little bit differently, as listed above, and are made of different active and inert ingredients.
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Q. do your products hurt dogs and cats if used in the house and/or attic?
A.   The products do not hurt dogs and cats as long as all instructions on the label are followed. If you are using a liquid concentrate or a aerosol spray, pets should evacuate the area until the area sprayed is dry. Also, please be sure to ventilate the area after application if aerosol sprays are used.
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Q. What is the pesticide to use against roaches, spiders knats,centipedes kill the insects?
A.   Liquid insecticides such as Talstar can be used as a general household pest insecticide. Its product label lists roaches, spiders, gnats, centipedes, and more. Please refer to the product label for the complete list of insects treated by Talstar.
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