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Quick Guide to ‘Do-it-yourself’ Pest Control

Friday, 16. January 2015 0:23

Pests are unwanted organisms that interfere with human activity. They may damage property, bite, destroy food crops and make our lives more difficult. If not controlled at the right time, these grow multiply rapidly and the damage too increases exponentially. Thus, pest control is imperative. You may hire professionals to do this or you might just try it out yourself. […]

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Using Malathion To Kill Fleas

Tuesday, 13. January 2015 0:15

Malathion is one of the widely used and most effective treatment for killing and controlling fleas. Besides flea control, malathion is also known to treat and control tent caterpillars, adult Japanese beetles, red clover mites, lace bugs, spiders, mites, thrips, aphids and much more. Malathion is a strong chemical concentrate that requires caution when being used to avoid mishandling and ensure effective results. […]

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Online Pest Control Product Stores: Your One Stop Shop for Everything

Monday, 29. December 2014 1:25

In the past buying a pest control product required a trip to the market, going through aisles and aisles of mind-boggling variety of products and in the end picking something that the salesman suggested without actually knowing how effective it actually is going to be. […]

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Multifunctional Insecticides: The Answer to all Your Bug Problems

Friday, 26. December 2014 0:43

Bug attacks are a common thing in and around the house and something that needs to be controlled right from the word go. While in most cases it pays to actually find ways that help prevent the invasion from taking place in the first instance, in a circumstance where the attack has already happened, there are steps that need to be taken to rectify it. […]

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Safer Roach Control: Some Tips

Tuesday, 23. December 2014 1:12

Cockroaches are both disgusting and a threat to human health. One of the most common pests to invade homes, roaches multiply quickly and if an invasion is not checked quickly can be seen crawling all over the property unabashedly. […]

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