How to Kill Carpenter Bees?

Carpenter bees resemble bumble bees because they have same body construction and coloring. Interestingly enough, these bees are less aggressive because the female stings only on provoking; yet they can gnaw through precious wood works indoors. In case your home is infested by these bees, please follow these effective extermination steps.

How to kill carpenter bees?

  • To get rid of carpenter bees, make use of available pesticides in powder form. sevin and boric acid based powders yield the most effective results.
  • Spray gasoline/diesel in all carpenter bee nests.  This is a readily available pesticide because; it can be applied against carpenter bees as well as aids in getting rid of bumble bees.
  • Swat down bats are easy to use and yield effective results for they give carpenter bees a brisk smack!
  • Use a professional grade carpenter bee trap. Good quality (reusable) ones are available eon our website Use baits in this trap for longer lasting results.
  • All burrows, galleries and nests of carpenter bees in and around the house must be sealed off with caulk or any other such stuffing material. This will prevent other bees from getting attracted.

While carrying out all or any of these steps, ensure that you have protective gear on such as masks/helmets/full covering clothes/ankle high boots etc.

Happy carpenter bee hunting!

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Date: Saturday, 28. June 2014 1:14
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