Things Americans Use To Get Rid Of Bees

Bees can be dangerous and attack humans if they aren’t taken care of. That’s why, you need to get rid of bees in case of an infestation. Otherwise, opt for a bee control solution for effective beekeeping. Here are some of the things Americans use to get rid of bees-

Carpenter Bee Traps

Effective and economical, these traps are designed to mimic the entrance of a bee nest. They are humane solutions that don’t require baits or poison for getting rid of bees. The product is particularly effective for carpenter bees. As soon as a bee is trapped, a pheromone is released to create a domino effect of attracting more bees to the trap.

Delta Dust

This Deltamethrin based insecticide is a perfect solution for variety of pests and animal control. Apart from carpenter bees traps, this product can be used for immediate bee control. It consists of odorless and non-staining dust insecticide, which can be easily sprayed or used in damp or moist areas where bees are usually found.


Americans who want an environment friendly and natural solution for bee control opt for this product. It is a powder insecticide that’s made with plant oils. It is an alternative for those who want a product without toxic ingredients. The non-staining solution can be used on a variety of surfaces, indoors and outdoors.

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Date: Tuesday, 26. August 2014 7:38
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