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How Furniture gets Destroyed by Termite Attacks?

Wednesday, 12. February 2014 5:11


Termites travel from one parent to another and destroy everything that comes in their way. They can cut through surfaces as hard as wood. There is a specific species of termites called dry wood termite that attacks wooden furniture. These termites get into low moisture areas, nest in it and start breeding in large numbers. The worst part about termite infestation is that these insects do not restrict¬† the attack to one furniture piece; they happily spread their ruinous attacks by cutting through all the wooden furniture that comes in their way and even then keep venturing out into newer wooden pastures! Nothing gets spared by a termite attack, be it a wooden roof, floor board, furniture, photo frame, clock or cutlery. Below enlisted are a warning signs of termite infestation for homeowners. […]

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Preparing Your Home for Fall Pests

Wednesday, 18. September 2013 9:37

The time has come and it is now the time to start preparing for the worst of the cold pests that will start to invade homes during the fall season. The weather this year has been particularly “strange” to say the least and so, although pests’ behaviors are a little bit abnormal, one thing that won’t change as the temperature begins to cool is that pests will try to find a way to overwinter in a safe haven, which is most likely, your home.

As the fall season quickly approaches, we want to equip you with the information you need to protect your home from pest invasions. Animals and insects alike will easily find a way into your home if you let them and so be as prepared as you can be. KEEP READING

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Sorry! No Vacancies

Wednesday, 26. June 2013 15:02

Sometimes, we wonder really, where are all these bugs inside our house coming from? The truth is that they do not appear from thin air and don’t magically reproduce from the dust in your walls. These sneaky little critters have made their way inside your house, thinking that your home is the perfect long term hotel that provides them with all the necessary things they need for survival – food, water, and shelter. So what we want to make sure to tell you is that you have to be proactive in keeping the bugs out and our opinion is, and maybe many will agree, we’d rather keep them out in the first place than deal with them firsthand after they’ve already come inside.

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What You Shouldn’t Do with Bed Bugs

Tuesday, 22. November 2011 11:16

bed bug control, what not to do

To understand the infestation – BEFORE the treatment process

Many people will insist they have an infestation of bed bugs just by looking at new bite marks on their bodies. You should not assume that just any bite like mark on your body means that your home is infested with bed bugs. A physical sighting or sample of the adult bed bug or egg should be seen or caught to make sure that you have bed bugs. If you are unable or unknowledgeable to do your own inspection for bed bugs, professional pest management should be called to do a thorough inspection of your home. Bed bugs are known to be tiny specimens that can hide virtually anywhere, therefore, it will be very hard to see them on your own unless you know where you are looking.

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Bed Bug Prevention

Thursday, 6. January 2011 16:17

Bed Bug Prevention

Bed Bug Prevention Tips:

Avoid Secondhand Items such as: used furniture, upholstery, bed frames, mattresses, box springs, and clothes (if clothes are brought home, then they should immediately be  place inside the clothes dyer in hot temperature)

– Get Rid Of Clutters: Bed bugs love small spaces, clutters, cracks and crevices. These are ideal places where they will hide. Getting rid of possible hiding spots can help rid of or prevent infestations.

– Sleep at home: One of the major contributing factors to the rapid spread of bed bugs across the world is through frequent travelers. As people travel and sleep in different hotels, homes, condos, inns, apartments, etc…they are prone to carrying bed bugs back to their homes through clothes, luggage, and etc.

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