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Dust Mite Treatment Tips..

Tuesday, 4. March 2014 0:21

It is very important to ensure treatment of dust mites because these little pests are not only prolific breeders, but they also are carriers of a whopping number of diseases. There are only two ways to deal with these mites – prevention and cure. Most people try to ensure that mites do not invade their home or lessen the tenacity of their attack. But once the former has happened, all one can do is take curative measures to ensure that you make life as difficult for these pests as possible. Let us have a look at both methods: […]

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No Pest As Guests for Christmas

Tuesday, 18. December 2012 14:11


This the season to be jolly! It’s a time of bright lights, eggnog, Santa and his elves, and sharing of gifts and love. The last thing that is on your mind this season is probably pest control. However, be careful! There are pests that stay active even during the winter season. In fact, some of the pests that invade the house during this season may seem like that they are more active than normal because they start to invade the home to find a warm shelter and a food source to sustain them during the cold. Here are the Top 5 Winter Invasion Pests that could distract you from the joys of this season: […]

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Bugs Inside the Christmas Tree

Thursday, 15. November 2012 16:48


It’s almost Thanksgiving y’all! That means good food and for many families, following a tradition of setting up the Christmas tree! These days, a lot of families opt for setting up artificial trees. They’re definitely reusable and can be easily stored away. For others though, they prefer to go and pick out a real tree and bring it home every season. They’re lots of fun and it’s a great tradition to have, but as you can imagine, there is this fear of bringing in unwanted and potentially harmful bugs and insects inside of your house. The following is a list of the most commonly found insect pests that can be brought in with a real Christmas tree. (these are not listed in any particular order) KEEP READING

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What’s Biting Me?

Tuesday, 7. February 2012 13:39

We have received several complaints lately. Our clients are asking about those house pests which bite. They would like to know what these pests are and what the methods of eliminating them are.

Here at Pest Mall, we strongly recommend that our clients first make sure that the bites are actually coming from biting house pests. KEEP READING

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urgent spider matter

Monday, 14. November 2011 18:32

Question  : urgent spider matter

Answer  : FenvaStar EcoCap or LambdaStar 9.7% CS would be a good product to use for the control of spiders due to their long residual time. A thorough perimeter treatment along the outside of your home is highly recommended.

Eco CapLambdastar 9.7

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