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Onslaught of Ants: Tips and Products to Help and Control

Wednesday, 10. December 2014 7:14

An ant invasion in the home can be the stuff that nightmares are made of. While a few ants here and there can be lived with but a full-blown attack has to be controlled, terminated and further prevented. […]

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Get Rid of Ants Naturally

Friday, 13. June 2014 1:49

There are over 12,000 species of ants in the world, but very few species actually cause problems to humans. They easily get attracted by food and warmth. Some unlucky homes also get infested by carpenter ants and this species feasts on wood thereby causing harm to the structural integrity of wooden items and floor boards; these ants must be controlled immediately before it is too late. In order to keep such notorious ants away without causing harm to pets and kids with poisonous insecticides, here are a few natural ant control methods. […]

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Fire Ant Control In Home And Garden

Monday, 7. April 2014 5:04

Fire ants can be nuisance wherever they occur, in the garden or inside the home. Also known as red ants they can infiltrate the indoor as well as outdoor areas in the house and cause a lot of damage. Fire ant control is imperative if an attack occurs and here we discuss a few steps and tips on how to kill ants and terminate the problem. […]

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Pestmall.Com – The Answer To Your Roach And Ant Problems In Advion Ant Gel And Advion Roach Gel

Tuesday, 28. January 2014 23:34

Advion ant gel by Dupoint is a professional bait gel which attracts almost every pest species of ants including sweet feeders. Besides the use in residential and institutional areas this is also made for both commercial and industrial areas where ants might be a bigger menace to the manufacturing units or storage facilities. The advion ant gel is a wonder pest treatment devised to target everything from carpenter ants, to argentine, cornfield, field, red imported fire ants, little black, odorous house ants, etc. This high consumption bait compound is not only potent but is non-repellent which means those tiny intruders would not be able to resist it. […]

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How to Kill Fire Ants The Right Way

Tuesday, 13. September 2011 11:23

Fire ants are one of the most frustrating ant species that can invade a home, recreational area, or etc. This is mainly so because of their natural predatory tendencies. Fire ants are known for their painful bites that can lead to potential health risks. Fire ants actually remain active all year long; however, with peak activity seasons, many people won’t even know that they are there until their colonies are well established and their mounds are readily visible in the spring. Being negligent with fire ant control can mean that you will struggle to control their populations the during their peak activity seasons. Make sure you gain the upper hand in preparation for a stress-free and fire-ant free spring season.

Fire Ant Treatment

There are two basic tactics in fire ant control that will effectively help you get rid of the fire ants from your yard Keep Reading

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