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Using Malathion To Kill Fleas

Tuesday, 13. January 2015 0:15

Malathion is one of the widely used and most effective treatment for killing and controlling fleas. Besides flea control, malathion is also known to treat and control tent caterpillars, adult Japanese beetles, red clover mites, lace bugs, spiders, mites, thrips, aphids and much more. Malathion is a strong chemical concentrate that requires caution when being used to avoid mishandling and ensure effective results. […]

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Killing Fleas from House and Garden

Tuesday, 15. July 2014 0:31

Fleas are small and agile insects that are found on other animals, generally on furry cats or dogs. Fleas may come forward as intimidating when they attack a house and its inhabitants. So, here are a couple of tips on how to kill fleas in your house and your garden.

Treating Your House for Fleas […]

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What’s Biting Me?

Monday, 14. October 2013 11:48

We get phone calls all the time where a person will say, “I have bites all over my body! Please tell me what bug it is! I’m in over my head!” Unfortunately, identification of a pest can’t be done solely by looking at bug bites and you will have to look for other signs to identify the pest. The best thing to do Keep Reading

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Flea Activity During the Fall Season

Tuesday, 11. September 2012 12:25

Most people tend to think of the spring and summer months when they consider flea protection for their pets. In reality, fall is also a ideal time for your pet to pick up these annoying little pests, so fall flea protection and prevention should not be ignored. As a general guideline, fleas tend to become more active in temperatures above 35 degrees Celsius, with relative humidity of around 70%. However, simply because conditions are not ideal, don’t think for a second that this means you are off the hook.

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A Flea Infestation is Not Random

Friday, 2. March 2012 15:15

Homes could always be prone to fleas, especially those with pets at home. But in case your house does not invite any animals indoors, still, you could possibly get infested with fleas and you’ll never know when they go barging into your house and suddenly infest you humble abode.  There have been several instances where customers have complained about a constant coming and going of fleas, even though they don’t even have pets! Once they thought the fleas have all perished after some pesticide treatment, but after just a few months they’re back infesting the house once more.  What could have gone wrong this time and where do these pests sprout from if there are no mammals to bring them inside? KEEP READING

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