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Can You Make an All-Natural DIY Termite Spray?

Wednesday, 12. February 2014 4:39

Termites ControlThere are several organic pest control preparations that are as effective against termites as any other chemicals or pesticides. Since of all the termites, only subterranean termites cause a major part of the wood infestations all over the world, terminating them from a home is not that difficult. Some natural termite treatment methods are as follows: […]

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Termites inside the house. Need Firstline indoor bait stations.

Friday, 29. April 2011 15:55

Question: Termites inside the house. Need Firstline indoor bait stations.

Termite in House

Answer : Unfortunately we do not carry bait stations for indoor installation. However, we do carry Termiticides that you can use for spot treatment inside the wall void or floor areas where you may be seeing an active infestation.

Phantom Pressurized Insecticide - 17.5 oz.

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Infestation of termites in the walls of our main bathroom.

Friday, 29. April 2011 15:51

Q      : We have what appears to be a localized infestation of termites in the walls of our main bathroom. Is it reasonable to think we could use some baits outside and foam inside the walls to eradicate this? Or can we only use an exterminator to do the job? If so, what would be the most effective means to do so?

Termite Damage termitebait11

A       : A do it yourself treatment will help you save a lot of money rather than hiring an exterminator to complete the job for you. All the products that we carry are the same professional grade products that professionally licensed pest control operators’ use.  As long as the product is a registered product in your state, you are able to legally purchase the chemicals for personal use. When an active infestation is spotted chemical treatment is always recommended. For outdoor treatment, trenching would be a preferred method. For indoor treatment, spot treatment with in the wall void areas would be highly recommended as well. After the chemical treatment has been finished, installing bait stations around the home would be a good follow up treatment to keep track of the termite activity in your area.

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Winged ants in my attic space what will they do?

Thursday, 28. April 2011 17:26

Question : Winged ants in my attic space what will they do? How to get rid of them?

Wing Termite Termite       CarpenterantPhoto4Ant

Answer  : The best way to approach this treatment would be to make sure that the ant swarmers are not termite swarmers. Termite swarmers and ant swarmers look very similar. The best way to distinguish them apart is to catch one with masking tape and observer their body segments. For termites, their head, thorax, and abdomen all look as if it all runs together. However ant swarmers have three very distinguished body segments where the head, thorax, and abdomen do not look as if they are all running together.
If they appear to be termite swarmers, it is recommended that you proceed with chemical spot treatment. 


Phantom Pressurized Insecticide - 17.5 oz. Phantom Pressurized Insecticide – 17.5

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Subterranean Termite Pictures

Friday, 22. April 2011 13:40

Subterranean Termite Wood Damage Picture

Subterranean Termites Picture

Subterranean Termites Picture 2

Mud Tube

Termite Swarmers

Subterranean Termites Picture 3

Termite Larvae

Termite Baiting

Termite Damage

Termite Treatment

Termite Treatment 2

Termite Treatment 3

Termite Damage 2

Termite Wood Damage

Termite Wood Damage 3

Termite Wood Damage 4

Termite Wood Damage 5

Termite Wood Damage 6

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