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How to Get Rid of Weevils

Tuesday, 15. November 2011 10:54

Weevils are attracted to lights and so for many species of weevils, they will enter the home at night when they see where the light comes through. They will also enter when the conditions outdoors become unfavorable. This is usually when their food source becomes extremely limited near the end of the fall season. They will usually enter the home when they begin to overwinter and they will remain there until the spring season when they leave the house to resume feeding. Keep Reading

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Weevil Biology

Monday, 14. November 2011 14:46

Weevils are commonly known as snout beetles. There are over 60,000 species of weevils that may infest various areas of your home, commonly infesting the pantry and stored food products. Some species may infest your wood or just invade your home to find a place to overwinter and avoid the cold season.  Weevils are considered a nuisance pest and will enter the structure primarily in the fall season and leave in the spring. They may even enter in the spring season to avoid extreme and unfavorable outdoor conditions. Keep Reading

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Rice Weevil Control

Thursday, 10. November 2011 9:52

Rice Weevils

Rice weevils may be considered one of the most important stored products pest or commonly referred to as a pantry pest. They are most alike to granary weevils, however, granary weevils will be more prevalent in cooler climates. So, rice weevils will more commonly be found in warmer regions like in the southern states in the United States whereas granary weevils will more commonly found in the northern states. They are worldwide pests and will be detrimental to grains and stored food products. Keep Reading

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