How Furniture gets Destroyed by Termite Attacks?


Termites travel from one parent to another and destroy everything that comes in their way. They can cut through surfaces as hard as wood. There is a specific species of termites called dry wood termite that attacks wooden furniture. These termites get into low moisture areas, nest in it and start breeding in large numbers. The worst part about termite infestation is that these insects do not restrict  the attack to one furniture piece; they happily spread their ruinous attacks by cutting through all the wooden furniture that comes in their way and even then keep venturing out into newer wooden pastures! Nothing gets spared by a termite attack, be it a wooden roof, floor board, furniture, photo frame, clock or cutlery. Below enlisted are a warning signs of termite infestation for homeowners.

How do furniture pieces get destroyed by termites?How Termites Effects on Furniture

Termite infested wooden furniture shows signs of  chipping away, cracked    surfaces and distorted paint.  If a screw  driver is drilled through it or a  hammer   is  struck on it, the plank produces a dull  and hollow sound. Sawdust and fecal remains around   the wooden object are other subtle signs that this is a case of termite attack. Most important of all, these insects tend to build termite tubes and mounds around the house.

Termites SprayIn order to get rid of these obnoxious Get Free from Termitespests and save the furniture from falling apart, one has to make use of proper termite treatment methods. There are specific termite killer insecticides obtainable in the form of sprays, foams, granules  and baiting systems. A wide range of termite spray options are available at online pest control product outlets that are very effective against all types of termites.

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Date: Wednesday, 12. February 2014 5:11
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