How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs Control

3 Most Popular Bed Bug Treatments:

-Thermal Remediation:

Thermal Remediation has become quickly popular as an alternative to chemical treatment. The three most important keys of success in a Thermal Remediation is the heat, movement of the heat, and monitoring of the heat.

The idea of the thermal remediation treatment is to eliminate the bed bugs through the excess amount of heat ranging in the temperature range of 120°-140℉.

Bed bugs are ultimately attracted to heat; therefore they will most likely come out of their hiding places and quickly become affected by the Thermal Remediation treatment. This method of treatment is known to effectively kill bed bugs in all of their stages: eggs, nymphs, and adults.

-Freeze Technology (Cryonite)

Cryonite eliminates bed bugs through excessive amounts of cold temperature. The key factors in the effectiveness of Cryonite are CO2 and the combination of particle sizes and speed. The adjustment of the speed and size, allow the stream of particles to enter deeply through small cracks and crevices. Cryonite can be safely used on electrical equipment, clothes, and other sensitive accounts.

It leaves no residual and treatment sites can be safely re-occupied, immediately after the treatment.


-Chemical Treatment

Chemical Treatment is the oldest, most traditional way of getting rid of bed bugs. If chemical treatment is initiated in the early stages of an infestation, it can help control the number and prevent further spread of the infestation. Chemical Treatment could be the most cost effective treatment when correctly applied. Some companies in the Cryonite or Thermal Remediation business even recommend chemical treatment as a follow up treatment method for optimum performance. Chemical treatment may actually be the most cost efficient treatment method. The thermal remediation and Cryonite treatment are known to be costly although all three treatments are effective if done correctly.

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Date: Tuesday, 28. December 2010 12:56
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  1. 1

    My dog has been itching lately and i found a tiny bug on her skin. it resembles a bed bug but its so tiny you need a magnifying glass to see it. I was wondering if bed bugs are that small. And would they be likely to be on my dog during the day? any comments on what i should do?

  2. 2

    Will 99 percent alcohol do any good around baseboards?

  3. 3

    Hi Billie,
    I’m very sorry to hear that. Unfortunately, bed bugs are becoming more and more common in homes and its something that many people must be aware of. It’s good that you are continuously inspecting. I suggest that you continue to inspect for bed bugs. Thorough inspection will require you to lift up even the cushions of the couch and inspect the seams and linings. Also, products like Bedlam Bed Bug Insecticide spray is a great spray to contact kill the bed bugs but also give you a residual of two weeks. This means that it will have a killing effect even after it dries for up to two weeks. After two weeks, you will have to reapply. For the Bedlam, we have a “buy more and save” promotion on it which means that as you buy more cans, the price of the can will go down. Consider it! and if you have any questions on how or where to apply it, feel free to give us a call at 1-800-788-4142. G’Luck!

  4. 4

    Hi Mark,
    It is believed that bed bugs are unable to stay on animals because they can’t navigate through their thick fur. Most likely, if it is that small, it was a flea or even a nymph of a flea. To my understanding, that’s what it most likely was. If so, you may have a flea outbreak pretty soon and so you want to make sure to treat for fleas. We have sprays available and we even have Petcor which you can spray directly onto your dog and wash off (do not spray near head or genitals). If you have any questions on flea control products, give us a call at 1-800-788-4142.

  5. 5

    We never recommend alcohol for bed bug treatment. Granted there are health risks involved with using pesticides, however alcohol can lead to a variety of health risks as well as the percentage of house fires and other accidents increase when using alcohol to treat for bed bugs. There have been several articles of fire accidents and other health risks about people who have tried to use alcohol to treat for bed bugs. For a consultation on bed bug products, feel free to give us a call directly at 1-800-788-4142 and any representative will be able to help you find some products for bed bug control.

  6. 6

    i just found like 20 bed bugs i threw away the whole furniture from my daughters room!! am i ok now or do i need to folow other steps as well??? im worried cause im moving to another home and wouldnt want to bring them with me

  7. 7

    Hi Ruthy,

    If you can actually locate the bed bugs, it may mean that you have a pretty heavy infestation. You should definitely do a thorough inspection to see if you can find signs of an infestation and you should definitely treat before you move. If you would like information on treatment, please email us at so that we can relay some information to you.

  8. 8

    I was wondering if you can cut Nuvan strips. Wether it be in half or thirds or quarters?


  9. 9

    Hi Yellowrose,
    All the products we carry are professional grade and are not recommended to be used outside of what is stated on the product label. Since it is not labeled to be cut up, we do not recommend that you cut the Nuvan ProStrips. If you have any further questions or comments, always feel free to contact us again.

  10. 10

    Two months ago we came back to Saudi Arabia from Montreal, Canada, carrying with us few bed bugs which spread in our villa like crazy. We tried spraying everything with Diazenon pesticides, did not work. A guy from South East Asia told us that that they fight them with kerosene. So we sprayed everything with kerosene, but we keep seeing them in our clothes, sofas, pillows and bed sheets. I don’t know if the pest control companies here are trustworthy or not. My wife thinks it is not only bed bugs but also others like mites or fleas because we see them in day time and they sting her all the time. Please give us some advice. Thanks

  11. 11

    Hi Ahmad,
    We do not recommend kerosene, gasoline, or alcohol treatments. It’s dangerous and those materials are highly flammable. We definitely recommend getting an inspection at least to help you identify the pest. Although we cannot send you chemicals to Saudi Arabia, we can recommend some things that you can do to try and control the issue. Hot water wash and hot temperature dry will usually kill many pests. If you can access a steam cleaner, we also recommend using a steam cleaner. When the clean clothes are out of the laundry, we recommend keeping them in airtight sealed bags as to not contaminate them. We apologize that we were unable to better assist you. If you have any questions though, please feel free to contact us again.

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