Dust Mite Treatment Tips..

It is very important to ensure treatment of dust mites because these little pests are not only prolific breeders, but they also are carriers of a whopping number of diseases. There are only two ways to deal with these mites – prevention and cure. Most people try to ensure that mites do not invade their home or lessen the tenacity of their attack. But once the former has happened, all one can do is take curative measures to ensure that you make life as difficult for these pests as possible. Let us have a look at both methods:



1. Dust mites find dark and humid atmospheres the perfect breeding place. Which means airing your bedding, putting your duvet and pillows in the sun, and cleaning your sleeping area regularly shall be a big discouragement for them.

2. These mites find a large part of their food from pet skin. So if you keep pets outside from your sleeping area, replace carpets with hard flooring that cannot retain pet skin and use steam cleaner inside the house, your job is half done.


1. Buy mattress encasings and covers that can get rid of dust mites and bed bugs. Ensure that these mattress covers do not have any crevices where the mites can hide.

2. Spray affected area, especially cracks, with any good insecticide like Delta Dust; or any other product that has deltamethrin as an active ingredient.

The best way to get rid of dust mites is to deny them the atmosphere in which they flourish. So while it’s necessary to use a wet rag to wipe surfaces instead of a dry cloth, one must also take care that humidity is avoided.

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Date: Tuesday, 4. March 2014 0:21
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