How can i check termite at my home?

Question : How can i check termite at my home?

Answer : The easiest way to spot an active termite infestation is by the presence of mud tubes. You can also check for termites by inspecting areas with previous or present water damages, areas near the water boiler or air conditioning, window and door frames. You can also take the procedure that most pest control companies take by quarterly monitoring the termite activity by installing monitoring station around the perimeter of your home.



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Date: Thursday, 21. April 2011 17:23
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    I noticed in my bathroom close to the window sill that my wall was bleeding. Or so it seemed. It was a line of crusty matter. I wiped it away and a few days later it was back. My son looked at it and told me it was termites. Don’t know what kind. I had some MaxForce handy so I shot some in the holes I had noticed. Don’t know if it killed them. My question is how do I find out if there is more without tearing out the wall? Should I check the rest of the house? House is 30 years old.

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    It sounds like you have subterranean termites. From your description it seems like you will have to spot treat the area with a termiticide because they have already infested your bathroom wall. I would recommend using Termidor SC. You will have to drill a hole about a foot up from the floor on that wall and inject into the wall a ratio of 2 gallons for every 10 linear feet.

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