5 Best Bed Bug Sprays to Use

Tuesday, 6. May 2014 7:26 | Author:

Bed Bugs Spray

Bed Bugs Spray

Bed bugs are notorious creatures that cause nuisance all through the year. They easily get transferred through soft furnishings and love to dwell in the seams and folds of mattresses, cushions, bed covers, sheets, pillow cases, cushions and bolsters. In order to get rid of them, either one can call up a professional pest control agency or ‘exterminator’, or they can make use of the following 5 highly effective bed bug sprays. [...]

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Best Ways to Get Rid of Mites…

Tuesday, 29. April 2014 2:37 | Author:

The last thing that one wants to deal with in ones’ home is Mites. That being said it is not uncommon for them to appear whether it is in the form of dust, clover, spider or ear mites and getting rid of them can be a strenuous exercise. Most people are looking for tips on how to kill mites and while there are some effective methods of doing so, it really depends upon the extent of the problem. [...]

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Carpenter Bees and Traps for Them

Monday, 14. April 2014 5:16 | Author:

Carpenter bees can be a big nuisance for most homeowners as they tend to bore holes to make their nests into any kind of non-painted wood such as decks, handrails etc. One of the best prevention options for carpenter bee control is to make sure that you paint all wooden structures around the house.

In cases however where this is not possible and a carpenter bee attack has already happened, the next step really is find a way to trap them. When talking about how to kill carpenter bees, one of the best solutions is to use a carpenter bee trap. [...]

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Benefits of Keeping Pest Control Equipments..

Friday, 11. April 2014 5:09 | Author:

Most people think of professional pest control companies when it comes to getting rid of bugs in their home. While this definitely is a good idea and in most cases the most effective way of getting rid of pests and bugs, there is also merit in keeping some DIY pest control equipment at hand for emergency purposes.

There are a number of bugs that can infest a home. Everything from cockroaches, to pantry beetles, to an earwig bug is a possibility. In most cases the pesticides that are meant for home usage are specific to the kind of insects and bugs that they can be used for. For example, if you have earwigs in house, then you need a spray or pesticide specifically designed to control them. [...]

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Fire Ant Control In Home And Garden

Monday, 7. April 2014 5:04 | Author:

Fire ants can be nuisance wherever they occur, in the garden or inside the home. Also known as red ants they can infiltrate the indoor as well as outdoor areas in the house and cause a lot of damage. Fire ant control is imperative if an attack occurs and here we discuss a few steps and tips on how to kill ants and terminate the problem. [...]

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