Getting Rid of Millipedes from My Garden

Thursday, 24. July 2014 5:30 | Author:

Though lots of people find them to be disturbing, millipedes are safe creatures. In contrast to their pet name, “million leggers”, they have only 400 legs. Unlike the fast-moving centipedes that have a pair of legs in each body segment, the millipedes move with segments slowly borne on two pair of shorter legs. When approached, they generally curl up tightly in defense. [...]

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Effect of Tempo SC Ultra On Pests

Monday, 21. July 2014 5:41 | Author:

Tempo SC Ultra is a pest control solution that is mostly used for veterinary uses. That being said it is also used to control pests. In most cases it is used to eliminate insects that crawl and fly and cause various kinds of harmful infestations. It comes in the form of a spray and is harmful if harmful or inhaled. [...]

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Methods To Get Rid Of Moths

Thursday, 17. July 2014 5:35 | Author:

Moths can be a big nuisance in the household. They can enter the pantry and feast on grains and other cereals and also create havoc on the closets by getting attached to fabrics. While overall they do not pose a threat as such but their presence can be annoying.

When talking about how to get rid of moths, there are two steps to the process. [...]

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Killing Fleas from House and Garden

Tuesday, 15. July 2014 0:31 | Author:

Fleas are small and agile insects that are found on other animals, generally on furry cats or dogs. Fleas may come forward as intimidating when they attack a house and its inhabitants. So, here are a couple of tips on how to kill fleas in your house and your garden.

Treating Your House for Fleas [...]

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How to Kill Carpenter Bees?

Saturday, 28. June 2014 1:14 | Author:

Carpenter bees resemble bumble bees because they have same body construction and coloring. Interestingly enough, these bees are less aggressive because the female stings only on provoking; yet they can gnaw through precious wood works indoors. In case your home is infested by these bees, please follow these effective extermination steps. [...]

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