Enjoying a Pest-Free Spring…

Thursday, 13. March 2014 6:19 | Author:

With spring quickly approaching, you may notice that when the cold weather starts to retreat, it takes with it the comfort of not having to deal with most annoying critters. Dealing with bugs and insects can be frustrating, but it doesn’t mean you have to be stuck with them forever.
Whether you’re faced with exterminating ants or dealing with flea control, you can get started with ridding yourself of pests with a few simple tips. [...]

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How to Effectively Use Bed Bug Spray?

Friday, 7. March 2014 5:53 | Author:

Admit it, even from reading the title you’ve started to itch. Bed bugs are more than a teasing note added to a good night wish. They’re aggravating. But when your sleeping area is affected, just cleaning it will not do.

You Don’t Always Have to Get Professional Help [...]

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Dust Mite Treatment Tips..

Tuesday, 4. March 2014 0:21 | Author:

It is very important to ensure treatment of dust mites because these little pests are not only prolific breeders, but they also are carriers of a whopping number of diseases. There are only two ways to deal with these mites – prevention and cure. Most people try to ensure that mites do not invade their home or lessen the tenacity of their attack. But once the former has happened, all one can do is take curative measures to ensure that you make life as difficult for these pests as possible. Let us have a look at both methods: [...]

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If They Don’t Stop Biting, Bite Back

Monday, 3. March 2014 5:42 | Author:

On a hot summer night, it’s quite difficult to understand why it’s necessary for mosquitoes to exist. Their buzzing is high-pitched and keeps you up, the bite of a female mosquito leaves a nasty, itchy bump and to top it all off, they have a tendency to distribute diseases among their bite victims. While repellents are a good solution, they’re tedious and constantly need reapplying. [...]

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How Furniture gets Destroyed by Termite Attacks?

Wednesday, 12. February 2014 5:11 | Author:


Termites travel from one parent to another and destroy everything that comes in their way. They can cut through surfaces as hard as wood. There is a specific species of termites called dry wood termite that attacks wooden furniture. These termites get into low moisture areas, nest in it and start breeding in large numbers. The worst part about termite infestation is that these insects do not restrict  the attack to one furniture piece; they happily spread their ruinous attacks by cutting through all the wooden furniture that comes in their way and even then keep venturing out into newer wooden pastures! Nothing gets spared by a termite attack, be it a wooden roof, floor board, furniture, photo frame, clock or cutlery. Below enlisted are a warning signs of termite infestation for homeowners. [...]

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