Fire Ant Control In Home And Garden

Fire ants can be nuisance wherever they occur, in the garden or inside the home. Also known as red ants they can infiltrate the indoor as well as outdoor areas in the house and cause a lot of damage. Fire ant control is imperative if an attack occurs and here we discuss a few steps and tips on how to kill ants and terminate the problem.

1. The first step is to locate the ants wherever they are. They live in colonies and can be identified as mounds.

2. It is important to keep children and pets away from the area because they are dangerous and cause harm by stinging.

3. If inside the house, buy a good quality insecticide developed to get rid of fleas such as red ants and spray it carefully to the point of entry (where the ants have entered the home) and the entire ant trail. Once that is done, seal the point of entry to avoid any further infestations.

4. Outside the home, in the garden, locate the mound and cordon off the area immediately.

5. There are individual mound treatments or baits available in the market. Use these or for quicker results buy an insecticide, dissolve it in water and just pour it over the mound. This is one of the best ways on how to kill ants and very effective too.

Fire ant control is possible if acted upon quickly and with regular inspection. If the attack has happened, take steps immediately to fix it. On another note keep an eye around the home and garden to spot a nest as soon as it is built.

Want to get rid of fleas and fire ants in your home or garden? Use the tips above and get to work immediately!

Date: Monday, 7. April 2014 5:04
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