Winged ants in my attic space what will they do?

Question : Winged ants in my attic space what will they do? How to get rid of them?

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Answer  : The best way to approach this treatment would be to make sure that the ant swarmers are not termite swarmers. Termite swarmers and ant swarmers look very similar. The best way to distinguish them apart is to catch one with masking tape and observer their body segments. For termites, their head, thorax, and abdomen all look as if it all runs together. However ant swarmers have three very distinguished body segments where the head, thorax, and abdomen do not look as if they are all running together.
If they appear to be termite swarmers, it is recommended that you proceed with chemical spot treatment. 


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Date: Thursday, 28. April 2011 17:26
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