All Options for Treating Bed Bugs

Let me start by saying that there are many kinds of bugs. It seems like in recent times, the most common, though is the Bed Bug. Aside from its name, the common bed bug is considered is the most common because they are present in our homes and certain other establishments which have crevices, corners and voids. They are what we call as domesticated bugs. Despite their being common, they are certainly the hardest to eradicate. This has something to do with their ability to hide and camouflage with their surroundings.

Over time, the experts have made advances with techniques and methods to deal with these Common Bed Bugs. One such method is the use of dogs. A dog’s sense of smell is more powerful than that of a human. Since Bed Bugs have this characteristic stinky smell, the dogs can easily trace the source of such smell to the place where the bugs are located. This would save you time compared to when you do the searching on your own. There is a limitation, though. Since the dog is dependent only to the odor, it cannot distinguish if the smell is of a live bed bug, a dead one, a hatched egg, or even a shed skin of the bug.

1321_1451_bed-bug-killing-steamer&cleanerAnother means of controlling these bed bugs is by freezing. A location suspected to house bugs is exposed to extremely low temperature for a period of time. There is also what we call as the portable freezing device. The known brand is Cryonite. Carbon dioxide is injected through the nozzle and thus creates a temperature of -110 degrees Fahrenheit. The limitation is that it would require extremely low temperature and a longer exposure. Failure to do so tends to just stun the bed bugs and not kill them at all.

A personal favorite is heating. There are cheap portable heating or steaming devices available in the market nowadays. It is common knowledge that heat is a natural enemy of the common bed bugs. That is why most exterminators advise their clients to hot wash and hot dry every fabric to avoid the presence of such bed bugs.

If all else fail, then there is yet another way. The use of insecticides. Although most people do not like to use them because of the harmful side effects they bring with them. These are all facts. However, if using insecticides will help you eliminate bed bugs, then by all means, you will need to purchase them and use them.

Of course, optimizing your options will mean that you use different methods together. Although, Pest Mall can’t provide a way to freeze bed bugs, we can provide you with the heat from steamers and the chemicals! So heat treatment and chemical treatment together will completely optimize control methods and you will see a greater result!

Moreover, with small adjustments that you make to monitor or protect you during treatment will further enhance your comfort throughout the whole ordeal. Such things are things like taking the proper steps to encase your mattress and box spring, using traps to monitor throughout the treatment plan, and even Eco Keeper’s new Bed Bug Tent to optimize your comfort even during rest.

563_1182_mattress-safe-twin-size-mattress-cover 600_1224_eco-keeper-bed-bug-monitor&glue-trap-4traps 1323_1474_eco_keeper_bedbug_tent_overview


Date: Wednesday, 2. November 2011 9:53
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