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Bugs and insects are more than annoying- they can result in allergies, infections and a variety of other medical conditions. Therefore, you need to control them before their infestation goes out of hand. That’s why brings to you a wide range of DIY pest solutions, which are effective and economical. Check out some of the most popular products you can use to get rid of bugs and insects.

bed bugs killDelta Dust-This Deltamethrin based insecticide is one of the most potent product for dealing with a wide range of infestations. The product can be used for something as small as an insect to something as large as a cockroach. When used as per the instructions, this product offers effectiveness for at least eight long months. Can be used for termites, bed bugs, moths as well.

Bed Bug Kit– Killing bed bugs can take a while. But what if you are traveling? In cases where the infestation may take time to control or when you are traveling, having a bed bug kit with you might be the best option. The kit is supplied with a tent and a rest easy luggage spray so that you can protect yourself from bugs even when you are on-the-go.

Demand CS– This broad label insecticide is known for providing a complete knockdown of most of the pests. The product can be used for 20 different types of infestations, including insects and bed bugs. It has a potent Lambda-cyhalothrin mix that provides long-term residual control as well.

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Date: Monday, 18. August 2014 3:03
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