What is the best liquid spray for bed bugs?

Questions : What is the best liquid spray for bed bugs?

Answer  : There is actually a product called Phantom Insecticide which has been rapidly rising with popularity among professional pest control operators these days. Phantom not only targets bed bugs, it also is a non repellent insecticide so the bugs will not be able to since the presence of the insecticide and unknowingly run across it becoming infected by the pesticide.Currently we have seen great results on the sites and it is even all over pest control magazines. We would like you to keep in mind though that not one product is better than another. They work differently and are usually made with different active ingredients. Some other popular products you may want to consider for bed bug treatment are Bedlam Bed Bug Insecticide Spray, FenvaStar EcoCap Insecticide, LambdaStar 9.7% CS, Alpine Dust and many more.

Moreover, even liquid sprays or other methods of chemical treatment does not eradicate an entire bed bug infestation with just one treatment. Unfortunately, you will find that it may take several treatments and many months to get rid of an infestation. In the meanwhile, there are instances where families experience discomfort and wake up to find that even though the infestation is on its way to being cleared up, they still have bites. This is why it is important to continue to monitor with bed bug monitoring and trapping devices. Also, Eco-Keeper’s Bed Bug Tent was manufactured for the sole purpose of comfort because they understand that comfort is of the utmost importance when treating for bed bugs. Sleep inside the Eco Keeper Bed Bug Tent that is strapped onto the bed and sleep in comfort without worries of being attacked by bed bugs at night.

Phantom Insecticide Termite Control - 21 ozEco Keeper Bed Bug Monitor and Glue Trap Eco Keeper Bed Bug Tent


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Date: Thursday, 14. April 2011 14:10
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    Is it safe to spray Phantom Termiticide indoors in bedrooms?

    Can it be mixed with gentrol igr and applied in a single spray application?

    What are their respective residual times?

  2. 2


    For the Phantom Liquid Termiticide, it does not say anything on the label for using it for indoor applications in residential areas so its not anything we can recommend. However, the Phantom Aerosol can be used inside as long as the product is left to dry before contact. The Phantom Aerosol has a residual of about 2 weeks to a month. Gentrol IGR in the aerosol or liquid concentrate form can be applied over it or before it. I hope that helped you! Good Luck!

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    I had a terrible on/off Bed Bug infection about 2-3 months ago. It was treated, but the memory never goes away. Now, the friend that I most likely had gotten it from gets me paranoid everytime he comes over, or the last time I came over his house and got bit.
    Now, it’s been a 2-3 weeks since I got bit, and now I’m getting itches. I figured it might just be my paranoia along with my memory of these little monsters. To be on the safe side, I’ve read around this website, and now I’m wondering, should I purchase the Bellow Bulb Duster, PyGanic Dust, or a Liquid Spray? They all mostly have some kind of Residual time, is it dangerous for a dog to be around during that residual time?
    Other than that, I mainly would like to know which may be more effective. I’ve read most of this, and it all says “Dust is very effective,” or “Liquid Spray is very effective” so it’s hard to differentiate.

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    Hi Paul, I apologize the post was not detailed enough. Although you have a dog, all products are safe if it is used correctly. The dust is used in wall voids and in areas that are hard to access like behind and underneath furniture. The dust can be used anywhere the dog cannot reach. If you have children, the dust must be placed in areas where they can’t reach as well. This is because the dust can be inhaled and it is potentially harmful if it is breathed in. However, dusts have the LONGEST residual time for bed bug control products. You don’t have to reapply every month, instead just apply the dust every 5-6 months. Liquid concentrates provide the next longest residual time. These are products you have to dilute with water and spray. Spray surfaces like on the ground around your bed and furniture, along the base board area of the room, underneath furniture if dust was not applied there. It is completely safe for your dog AS LONG AS you let it dry. Once it is dry, it is safe for contact. You reapply liquid concentrate sprays every 3 – 4 months. Aerosol sprays will provide the shortest residual but is a great initial treatment spray. They deliver a contact kill, instant knock-down and can be used in intimate areas like your bed or couch. This should be sprayed in the crack and crevices of the furniture. Aerosols as well, are safe as long as they are dry. It provides about a week to a month residual. Both liquid and aerosols will take about 3-4 hours for it to dry. If you want to talk to a Pest Mall representative, you can always give us a call at 1-800-788-4142. Good Luck! 🙂

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    this product how much do i mix for Bed bugs it says it can make “Yield and Mixing: a 21 oz. bottle makes 28 gallons of 1.25% solution for termites or 7 gallons of general use spray for cockroaches and ants.”so how much should i use to mix for bed bugs?

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    For Phantom Insecticide, you want to dilute 3 fl. oz. of the insecticide with 1 gall. of water. You may need to alter the dilution rate a bit depending on how you plan on applying it. Go to the Phantom page and scroll down to read the product label, which will tell you what you need to know. Here’s a link to the product label: http://www.pestmall.com/PDF/Phantom_concentrate.label.pdf

  7. Gerald Kitchens
    Friday, 5. August 2011 8:12

    I have a rental property that has bed bugs and is going to be vacant. I want to make sure that these are gone before new tenents. What is the best solution.

  8. 8

    Hi Gerald,
    What’s you’re time frame? If it’s less than 3-4 months, I’m afraid you’re in a bit of a knot. Bed bugs take at least a year to fully get rid of and at least a few months to get rid of most of them. For now, since it sounds like you have to treat a large area, I’d recommend going with the bed bug commercial kit. It has all the basic products you need to get rid of bed bugs.

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    I use pinsol for all types of exoskeloton pests. It dissolves there oils and kills them with in a couple seconds and it is used for general cleaning as well.

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    I noticed a post saying it takes a year to get rid of bed bugs? Just moved into our new home and within a month my daughter was experiencing bites and the neighbors said the people that had lived here before had bed bugs, so here we go. I have had a treatment every week for 6 weeks where the PCO has been using Zenprox EC and dusted inside walls with Delta Dust with NO clear results. On my 6th treatment the PCO switched the chemical to Phantom and dusted inside walls with Alpine Dust. It was only a few days ago since that treatment, so i cant say if its made a difference or not. My question is, how often should i be treating considering this could take a year? Im already out $1000. No way can i afford to continue down this road for a year and continue living out of Ziplocs. My PCO said initially we had a very mild case and it would take 2-5 treatments. Now he says every situation is different and they make no guarentees. Please Help, i cant continue this sleepless nightmare.

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    HI DontBugMe,
    It is true that every situation is different and that there are no guarantees with the number of bed bug treatments, but it is possible to get rid of them. Regular inspection is required and attention to detail when applying insecticides is crucial for bed bug treatment. We do have kits available that will provide you with a variety of products to use for bed bug infestations. Phantom is a product that is ranked at the top for bed bug control and Zenprox is a new product that technicians are using for flea and bed bug control. If you have any further questions or comments, please feel free to contact us again.

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    I had bed bugs in my studio apt. and the landlord paid a PCO to come twice. They treated with Temprid SC in Jan. and March of this year, 2013. It’s Sept. now and I started seeing one or two bugs here and there recently. So, I’m considering getting 2 cans of Phantom spray. I don’t see any spots on sheets and no bites, but I thought they were gone months ago and freaked out when I saw one a few weeks ago! I first got them a year ago this month. So, Pest Mall is right. It can take a year or more. My whole building has them.

  13. 13

    yes indeed… Thanks for sharing Bill! (:

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