I have box elder bugs all over my porch door and porch.


Q      : I have box elder bugs all over my porch door and porch what do I use I’m going to have a baby and want to be able to go out on my porch.

A       : We have a liquid concentrated insecticide called Masterline Bifenthrin which would be a good product to use for your box elder bug treatment. Please note that masterline has a delay kill effect. Therefore once they come in contact with the insecticide they will not die right away. Instead it gives them enough time to take the poison back to the initial source of the infestation such as their nesting area and helps to eliminate even the ones that you do not see. Since you did mention your pregnancy, I strongly advise that you speak with your doctor before preceding any further chemical treatment.

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Date: Friday, 22. April 2011 15:14
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