I have boxelder bugs outside primarily.What should I do?

Question : I have boxelder bugs outside primarily. in the yard, on the walls, on the trees, and neighbors yard, etc. What should I do?


Answer: We have a product called FenvaStar EcoCap that you can use for perimeter treatment around your home or as a broadcast treatment outdoors only. You can use FenvaStar EcoCap for both indoors and outdoors however when using this product indoors we only recommend that you spray in areas such as baseboards, cracks, crevices, window and door frames, etc.

FenvaStar EcoCapFenvaStar EcoCap



Q: There are Box Elder Bugs all over two sides of my stucco house and its hard not to open the door and not let them fly in.

A: Since it seems like you have a rather large box elder bug infestation, we would recommend you purchase one of our control kits.

We have two kits available:



Date: Thursday, 21. April 2011 11:15
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    We have an infestation of boxelder bugs where we live. How long do they last? Do they eventually go away? Thanks.

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    Hello Loretta,
    Boxelder bugs will eventually migrate outside when the weather gets warmer, however, when the cold season approaches, they will return to overwinter in the house. Use Talstar Pro every three months to spray around the perimeter and in concentrated areas like the attic. Also, spray the window frames and door frames. When spraying inside the house, please leave the treated area alone to dry before you come in contact with the area again. Once it dries, it is safe for contact. If you have any questions on details of how to use the product or more details on the behavior of boxelder bugs, feel free to comment again or give us a call at 1-800-788-4142. 🙂

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