Can You Make an All-Natural DIY Termite Spray?

Termites ControlThere are several organic pest control preparations that are as effective against termites as any other chemicals or pesticides. Since of all the termites, only subterranean termites cause a major part of the wood infestations all over the world, terminating them from a home is not that difficult. Some natural termite treatment methods are as follows:

Carpenter ants feed on termites and are their signature predators. So a handful of them can help to get rid of these obnoxious insects in a jiffy.

A homemade anti termite control preparation with grape jelly, cat food and boric acid can be placed in small quantities in the infested locations. Repeatedly treating the area with this mixture through the infestation season can help to get rid of termites.

Preparation of Indoor DoorsAll-natural DIY termites spray preparation for indoor use: Vetiver oil and clove bud oil are highly effective against termites. The first one i.e. Vetiver oil has the capacity to repel termites by keeping them away from a premise. On the other hand clove bud oil can eradicate an entire colony within a few days of exposure. So to kill termites with these DIY preparations, one must fill them up in separate sprayers that can emit a fine mist of the oils in the desired location.Termotes Spary for Termit Control

Though the above homemade DIY  preparation can help to eradicate  termites, they need a time to affect the  insects. For fast eradication, one has to  rely on chemical and pesticides  sprayers.  They might be toxic to pets  but when applied carefully around the  infested area and by following necessary  safety steps listed down in the product  manual, one can achieve best results.

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Date: Wednesday, 12. February 2014 4:39
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