Enjoying a Pest-Free Spring…

With spring quickly approaching, you may notice that when the cold weather starts to retreat, it takes with it the comfort of not having to deal with most annoying critters. Dealing with bugs and insects can be frustrating, but it doesn’t mean you have to be stuck with them forever.
Whether you’re faced with exterminating ants or dealing with flea control, you can get started with ridding yourself of pests with a few simple tips. Wood Roach

Don’t Make It Easy for Them

Some insects such as the wood roach end up in your home by being dragged in with firewood during the winter. If you have a garage, or space nearby where you store your firewood, make sure to remove these items during the spring and to examine your firewood before bringing it indoors to decrease your chases of carrying in unwanted pests.

Bag It Up

If you’re trying to figure out how to get rid of whiteflies or other pests that are dangerous to your home and garden, you should consider bagging up old leaves and wood. Many times these insects are clinging to diseased leaves and can be a real hassle to you, your garden and your home. When you trap them inside lawn bags, eventually whiteflies will die.

These simple tips can make getting rid of insects a lot easier than having to call an exterminator when the problem gets too big to handle. Remember to arm yourself with insecticides that can help you along the way. Always remember to carefully read any labels before using any chemicals.

Date: Thursday, 13. March 2014 6:19
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