Getting Rid of Millipedes from My Garden

Though lots of people find them to be disturbing, millipedes are safe creatures. In contrast to their pet name, “million leggers”, they have only 400 legs. Unlike the fast-moving centipedes that have a pair of legs in each body segment, the millipedes move with segments slowly borne on two pair of shorter legs. When approached, they generally curl up tightly in defense. The garden has variety of millipedes grow less than one inch long and they are gray to brown in color. Heavy rains drive these worm like creatures often from the outdoors into homes. If millipedes in your house are showing up much more often than usual, numerous chemical-free tips can curb their activities.

  • Examine your house perimeter, looking for any holes or cracks around the foundations where millipedes may be able to get into. Seal such cracks or holes with a silicone caulk or related sealants.
  • Clear the property off rotting wood, leaves, or other materials that millipedes feed on. Millipedes are attracted greatly to decaying plant materials. So, clear away all potential feasts they might find. It encourages them going elsewhere in hunt of a meal.
  • Make use of a dehumidifier to manage the moisture level in your home, particularly in your basement or rooms located downstairs. A comparatively dry environment helps keep millipedes away as they prefer dwelling in moist areas.
  • Make use of a broom and dustpan to sweep the millipedes you locate, so you are able to dispose with ease.


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Date: Thursday, 24. July 2014 5:30
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