Methods To Get Rid Of Moths

Moths can be a big nuisance in the household. They can enter the pantry and feast on grains and other cereals and also create havoc on the closets by getting attached to fabrics. While overall they do not pose a threat as such but their presence can be annoying.

When talking about how to get rid of moths, there are two steps to the process. If there has been a moth attack already then the first step is to clear that out and then take preventive steps to make sure that the problem does not re-occur.

While one or two moths flying around the house can be common in order to determine whether there has been an attack, there are signs to look out for. These are small holes in carpet and clothing as well as discoloration and a musty smell.

Once found, the best way to get rid of moths is to use moth traps. Pheromone moth traps are the best as they have a sticky substance that attracts these moths and then does not let them escape. In fact a home made trap can be created using fly paper and fish oil and hung in closets and other areas around the house. This method is good for adults but in order to get rid of the eggs and larvae thorough cleaning is required. Clothing can be subjected to high heat or put in the freezer for a few days to kill eggs.

The same process needs to be followed in the kitchen. Determination, cleaning and then scouring are the way to go.

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Date: Thursday, 17. July 2014 5:35
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