How to Get Rid of Springtails

How to Get Rid of Springtails

First and foremost, the most important thing to do for springtail control is to identify the source and their nest. Springtails are known to move rapidly and will travel away from their nest to their food or water source. However, their nests are more or less hidden in smaller and less conspicuous areas. To eradicate the springtail population in your home completely, it is important to find the nesting area and control springtails from the source. There are different areas around your home that may be infested with springtails. This includes both areas indoor and outdoor. Some of these places may include areas near or around ponds, puddles, wells, crawl spaces and under wood decks, pool decks, jacuzzis or hot tubs, in basements, under insulation, under patio slabs, under sinks, in bath traps, and etc.

Indoor Control

Like all other pests, springtails will find their way in through any crack or crevice. However, due to their dependency on moist environments for survival, they will most likely be unable to survive indoors. If an infestation persists, this may be from the moist soil in the potted plants around your home or any leaking pipes that can serve as a great moisture source. Making sure that leaking pipes are fixed and removing or keeping the soil dry in your plants may be the key to indoor control. For complete indoor control, a dust product may be used in areas of little or no traffic like in the wall void, under cabinets, and under sinks. Delta Dust is a waterproof dust product that can be applied in thin layers with a handheld duster like the Bellowbulb Duster.

Outdoor Control

Mostly for springtails, finding a few straggling springtails indoors may be ineffective and a waste. Eliminating the moisture and the source outdoors is proven to be the most effective in completely eradicating the springtail infestation in your home. Homeowners must do a thorough check up of all areas that may be nests for springtails. This includes:

  • Checking and eliminating leaf litter, mulch layers and such areas from gardens and yards.
  • Firewood and lumber that retain moisture should be removed or lifted from the ground.
  • Grounds should be leveled out. Pools or puddles will serve as food and habitats for springtails.
  • Decaying matter, such as fallen and decaying trees, should be removed from your yard or garden.

After all these areas have been eliminated, homeowners should seal cracks and crevices and other possible entry points so that springtails cannot venture indoors. Also, clear zones should be made between the structure and surrounding decor that involves dirt or mulch. These clear zones should be kept as dry as possible.

For areas like under mulch, leaf litter, pinestraw and etc, a granule product can be used. Granules are the most effective with the use of a liquid insecticide. Granules can also be used in crawlspaces. Cyonara LP Granule can be applied with a hand held spreader. Cyonara LP Granules work as a contact kill after it is activated. For a faster contact kill, FenvaStar EcoCap or LambdaStar 9.7% CS may be applied by spraying with a hand held sprayer like Chapin Gallon Sprayer which will prevent migration. Also, the liquid insecticides may be used on concrete slab or as a surface treatment around the perimeter. However, for concrete slab treatment, it should be applied as if you were doing a termite treatment. Drilling 1/2 inch holes every 2 feet apart and applying about a 1/2 gallon every hole will be enough for treatment. If you are already receiving termite treatment, springtail treatment may not be necessary.

Delta DustBellowbulb Duster

Cyonara LP GranuleHandle Spreader

LambdaStar 9.7% CS Handle SpreaderChapin Gallon Sprayer

Date: Friday, 11. February 2011 11:09
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  1. 1

    Have you ever treated a home with thousands of springtails in every room of the house? I think they are in the wall voids and getting in the windows. We put 3/4 boric acid and a little delta dust in wall voids every 2 feet, sealed many cracks in wood siding, weather stripped windows and leveled land with puddles around foundation. Now we are going to do termite treatment around foundation. My husband was going to put trench flush with foundation and drill holes only on slabs of entryway, garage and sliding glass door. I read that termite treatment involves drilling holes under furniture and lifting rugs. Do we need to do that to rid springtails under foundation? Are they always under foundation-is that where they nest or are they usually on surface ground around perimeter?

  2. 2

    Springtails will actually be found where there is a moisture source. if they are coming up from beneath the foundation, you may have a leaking pipe of some sort. The dusts will work but also consider using Talstar Pro insecticide for spot treatment in concentrated areas. You also must fix all leaking pipes and get rid of any extra water sources. If you have any questions about springtails, you can always call us directly and any of the representatives will be able to help you! :)

  3. 3

    How do you identify the nesting site?

  4. 4

    Can you please help me on advice on how to get rid of springtails in and outside my home?

  5. 5

    Hi Judy,

    Springtails are highly attracted to moisture and so a leak by the hose or frequent watering that causes constant dampness may attract springtails. Moreover, they reproduce quickly. Lamdbastar 9.7 should be sprayed but for long term purposes, you must make sure that moisture is not prevalent in the infested areas. By fixing leaks and making sure that the lawn is given time to dry before rewatering may prove to have a lasting effect more than using insecticide. If you have any further questions or comments, please feel free to contact us again by email at or by phone at 1-800-788-4142.

  6. 6

    Hi Kathy,

    There is no real way to identify the nesting site. We do know that springtails are attracted to moisture and need dampness to survive and so they may gather in the shade in moist soil or by leaking hose ends and etc. If I can help you in any other way, feel free to contact us again.

  7. 7

    Hi, We recently put up an above ground pool and just finished filling it with water…we haven’t got the chemicals in it yet, but we did get in today. After we were in it for a little while we noticed these little rice shaped dirty yellow colored insects crawling all over the sides and the poles. are they springtails? and how can I get rid of them without having to spend a fortune? (PS… we are getting chlorine for the pool tonight) I would greatly appreciate you help!! Thank you!!

  8. 8

    Hi Jessica,
    It doesn’t sound like springtails to me, but I can’t really be sure based on the description. If they are rice shaped, it could possibly be a beetle type of some sort, but again, not very sure. Sorry I wasn’t able to help you out any better. Come visit us again though!

  9. 9

    We have tried everything to get rid of these. We have a lot of mulch around our rental home and cannot remove it. I’ve spread Bifen granules followed with Cyonara spray attached to the hose. We’ve used delta dust inside and out. I’ve sprayed with Bifen I/T concentrated insect spray and had them walk right through it. What am I missing? They’re everywhere in the house not just near sinks and tubs. I see them on the outside crawling on every exterior wall. This is the first time I’ve dealt with these and am ready to move.

  10. 10

    Hello Jeff,
    I wonder if you have pulled back the mulch and treated underneath the mulch as well. Usually, for liquid sprays, by the time it soaks through the mulch and reaches the dirt where the springtails will really thrive, the chemical has been given enough time to break down and become weak. If you pull back the mulch, treat the dirt itself, put back the mulch and treat above that as well, you will be able to ensure enough liquid treatment. Springtails really thrive where it is moist and humid. You must be consistent and thorough as well as make sure to keep residual times of insecticide without overapplying or misusing the product. If you have any further questions or comments, please feel free to contact us again.

  11. 11

    We are renting a home that is infested with these. Our landlord tarped and barked all of the way around our home and does not want us to remove it. None of the pest companies around know what they are or how to treat them. My question is since they are everywhere in our furniture and such, when we move will we just be infesting our next house. Our only relief seems to be if we actually move out of this house right now. They are on the couch, in our beds. I am losing my sanity over this having a 4-year-old and ten-month-old in the house. Thanks!

  12. 12

    So I first saw these bugs on my bed, moved my bed and saw them around the corner of my bed, we have done everything to try to get rid of them but they seem to be multiplying :( we had to move our bedroom into our spare room because it wa so bad I have seen them in our bathroom tub and floor and all over our “new” bedroom floor… We have a 9 month old and a dog but the dog is in a complete different area of our house… What can I do that is affordable to get rid of these pests??? We have spent over $200 with exterminator and pesticides… Please help

  13. 13

    Hi Shai,

    Much of the time, a springtail problem arises when there was or is a problem with moisture. That could be a leak in the structure with water pipes or something else. With your linens and clothes, it is important to launder them as much as possible. We also recommend using the product Cy-Kick to spray around your baseboard area, the frame of your furniture, and the window sills and doorframes. You should not apply Cy-Kick on areas that you come in contact with frequently, so the upper side of the the couch as well as your mattresses cannot be sprayed with Cy-Kick. If you have any further questions or comments, please feel free to contact us again.

    Best Regards,

  14. 14

    Hi Talisa,

    Much of the time, a springtail problem arises when there was or is a problem with moisture. That could be a leak in the structure with water pipes or something else. With your linens and clothes, it is important to launder them as much as possible. We also recommend using the product Cy-Kick to spray around your baseboard area, the frame of your furniture, and the window sills and doorframes. You should not apply Cy-Kick on areas that you come in contact with frequently, so the upper side of the the couch as well as your mattresses cannot be sprayed with Cy-Kick. If you have any further questions or comments, please feel free to contact us again.

    Best Regards,

  15. 15

    I just spotted a few of these 4 days ago at my house.. Never, ever seen them before, so I didnt think much of it… Been working on a landscape job 40 miles from my house, and wondering if they attached themselves to me? Now they are spreading like crazy, I wake up with them under and around me. Contrary to what many of the websites suggested, they are not found in or around my shower or sinks. There are no leaking pipes that I can find, and I try to keep the place cool and dry as much as possible. I was told that a mixture of warm water and dish soap in a spray bottle will do the trick, but won’t that just create a more humid environment? Going crazy here… Oh and they do leave little red marks on the skin….

  16. 16

    Hi Gary,
    I wonder what the immediate area around your house is like…? Is there a lot of mulch that is used around the structure? Sometimes, sensitive people can react when they jump from the skin but I do not think I have ever heard of red marks that are left from springtails. The best thing to do is definitely get an inspection done to identify the pest or to take a sample to a local pest management company so that they can correctly identify the pest. Sometimes, if there is a lot of mulch or pine buildup by the structure, you will have an issue of trapped moisture in the dirt which can create a good environment for springtails. We recommend treating both the surface and under the mulch or pine. You can treat underneath the mulch or pine by pulling it back and spraying that area. You should reapply the mulch or pine and the treat the upper surface of that area as well. We recommend Cy-Kick, which has springtails on the product label as a listed target pest.

  17. 17

    Thanks Sunny, I will try using that. Not too much planter area, mostly concrete. There are two small, older wood sheds that butt up against the house, just never had a problem with them before. I’ll definitely check out that product

  18. 18

    We have had these bugs each year, but this year is the worst by far! We have used two different pest companies. One sprayed inside and out and the other treated our yard. We find them in both bathrooms and on the sinktop in the kitchen. I don’t know what to do to get rid of them and I’m going crazy! Please help. Where can I buy Cy-Kick?

  19. 19

    Hi Mary,

    Springtail problems arise when there is a moisture problem. This can usually occur from a leaking pipe or over applying water to plants and etc. Cy-kick will work to kill springtails and springtails are labeled on the product label as a target pest. It can be purchased online here: or you can call us at 1-800-788-4142 to place an order over the phone. As for a local purchase, we do not have any information on where you can purchase Cy-Kick locally. If you have any questions about the product or springtail control, feel free to contact us again.

  20. 20

    Hi: We have springtails in our kitchen at night…everywhere. I cannot locate an entry point, but I believe it’s an outside wall. My question is: we live in a beachhouse on stilts with nothing solid underneath except concrete foundation…should I assume they are in the outside wall? Thanks for your help; my exterminator hasn’t been successful.

  21. 21

    Hi Colleen,
    It sounds like they could actually be in the wall void. It is best to apply insecticides where you can, which means you will treat baseboards, window sills, door frames, and as much of the foundation and the outside perimeter of structure. The product we recommend to use against a springtail infestation is Cy-Kick insecticide. Keep in mind that when you apply Cy-Kick indoors, you must wait until the treatment has completely dried before you come in contact with the treated area again. One of the things you should also be aware of is that sprintails thrive in areas of high moisture and so structural changes to fix leaking pipes as well as other areas of high moisture is necessary.

  22. 22

    Hello, Last year was my 1st experience with springtails.We had a very wet spring and summer and I have vinyl siding. You could see them all over the siding and of course they finally made it into the home even through brand new thermo pane windows. The home is extremely tight but they had no problem making it in even where the sill meets the foundation. I finally eradicated them after finding their nests which were under leaf debris and under my back deck. This year they are back and they are coming from clean dirt under my back deck, My issue is the dirt under the deck never really dries out completely.. I have used heavy duty doses of perethrin and malathion and yes it has kept them at bay so they are not in the thousands like last year but I see a few on my siding… what can I do to dry the soil out. it never sees the sun….! Any ideas besides digging a huge trench and placing stone there? Thank you!

  23. 23

    Hi John,
    EEP, unfortunately, I have no solution to how you can dry out the soil. I would imagine that you won’t be able to but that you would have to continue to apply insecticide regularly to keep control over the springtails. You should apply the insecticide around the entire perimeter and not just in one area. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to assist you any better.

  24. 24

    We had an exterminator identified our infestation as springtails and has treated the outside and inside of our home with BP100 and Demon on the inside as well. I’m not noticing much improvement and am wondering which product is best to use indoors that will be safe for us and our dogs. What is best for fabric couch and beds? Thank you!

  25. 25

    Hi Donna,
    Actually, springtails are not on the label for Demon Max nor Demon WP (which are the only Demon products that I know of, but I’m not sure if you are referring to those products or not) and we don’t carry BP100, so I do not have much information on that. We know that Cy-Kick CS does label springtails and so that is the product that we recommend. Some of the tips that we have learned over the years for springtails is that you need to treat around the entire perimeter. If you have mulch or pine around the house where the shrubs are, those are the target areas where you have to spray and double spray. What I mean by that is, often times, people only spray the top of the pine and although it soaks through to the dirt underneath, by the time it gets to the bottom, the level of insecticide that has soaked through is so low that it is almost ineffective. You should slightly take back the pine or mulch, treat the dirt with the solution, put the mulch back in place and then treat the top again. Another place that you would have to check are utility lines that enter the building like water pipes or AC units. These cracks and crevices that are prone to moisture problems are going to be some key places that springtails may thrive.
    Indoors is a little bit more difficult. You should treat all cracks and crevices with Cy-Kick, especially along the baseboard and etc. If you have potted plants, you can treat the dirt with Cy-Kick as well. Unfortunately, you cannot use the Cy-kick concentrate on furniture, but there is a Cy-Kick aerosol spray that can be used on furniture frames. You should not treat any common spaces from the furniture with insecticide – these are areas that you come in contact with most frequently. Therefore, the areas on the furniture that you treat are the sides of the cushions or mattress that you do not come in contact with, underneath the bed or couch, the back frame, the frame underneath all the cushions, and etc.

  26. 26

    Hi, I have a real problem with either mites or springtails not sure have had exterminators come out and took samples in. they did say that all the bugs on glue strips were unbeilable for one apt. was there a leak and yes there was two although i dont think it was dried out enough since the paint is bubbled and peeling. i feel something burrowing in my skin and feel like something is biting or pricking. i havde been using cedarcide fogging… and now using a dehumidifier cleaning and vaccuming like crazy. using permithin cream on myself and have also taken proctcal for possible parasite. since I travel for a livivng as precausion. It still seems like it is in apt. i have thrown beds,couches anything that will be difficult to get this out of to make it easier to be done with it. i told the owner to stop watering flower beds and lawn to help get rid of moisture. How long will this take and am i doing all that i can??? Dont want to move at lest not yet plus I will have to get rid of this before to keep from taking it with me. Thanks Karen

  27. 27

    Hi, I have been having springtail issues for a while. I put bifen on the outside and boric acid in the basement. But they are still appearing inside. I think they are in the soil outside because when i pull back the weed barrier there are thousand of them. I am thinking about taking out the mulcha and weed barrier. What should I put down to kill the ones in the soil without killing my shrubs? Vinegar, boric acid or bifen?

  28. 28

    Hi, I left my room with door and windows close for 1 week cause I went of vacation. That week (july 29 – August 4) was to hot and humidity. When I came back the first night I slept in my bed, I feel little bites that never feel before. That bites was increasing every night and that was the begining to find what happened there.

    I was thinking in bed bugs, I did check everything, my whole bed etc.. and wasn’t bed bugs. I started to feel in my clothes when I put on, bite me when I come in to my bed room, etc… I got some littles death over my bed, and I took with scotch roll and I did check with a loupe cause those are almost invisibles. When I saw the shape I did look by internet and the more close I saw the picture are SPRINGTAIL, and I look for information about the way to kill them. I ordered a product bifentrhin 7.9, I did follow the way to use outside and inside but can’t kill them. They still here in my room and I feel bite me more. This bite don’t leave any sign or mark but is a big bother.
    I trying to drt out the moisture from my bedroom. I don’t know what else to do, what is the way to take out from my room, from my clothes this pest. Please give me an Idea what to do. I really will be grateful. Sorry for my english, I’m not american.

  29. 29

    Hi Karen,
    Springtails can give the feeling of biting or prickling, but its more a reaction when they spring from your skin to a new location. Dehumidifying and vacuuming are two things that you should keep up with. We have a product called Cy-Kick CS that is labeled for springtails that we recommend applying to baseboards, window sills, door frames, under and behind furniture and etc. It cannot be applied as a broadcast spray indoors, but it can be applied outdoors. All treated areas must be completely dry before reentry. If you have any further questions or comments, please feel free to contact us again.

  30. 30

    Hi Li,
    Honestly, I don’t know how effective vinegar is, but I do know that Boric Acid is not effective. Boric Acid is typically a bait form that the pest needs to ingest and since the springtails will not feed on Boric Acid, it is usually not every effective. We also know that although Bifenthrin may be an effective pyrethroid, it may not show the lasting results that you are looking for. We recommend using Cy-Kick CS which is labeled for springtails. Moreover, when you do treatment around the entire perimeter of the house, we recommend spraying both the dirt under the mulch barrier as well as treat the top of the mulch. If you have any further questions or comments, please feel free to contact us again.

  31. 31

    Hey Cesar,
    The reason why the “bites” are not leaving a mark is because they are not actually biting you. However, they do jump and when they release off from your skin, it can feel like a sting or bite. We recommend Cy-kick Insecticide. Spray under and behind furniture, as well as the baseboards, window sills, and under and around the door frame. You should definitely be vacuuming everyday and disposing of the bin or vacuum bag. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us again.

  32. 32


    We’ve had an odd springtail issue for a few months now. It’s been a long process of finding out what they are, how to treat them, and how they got where they were.

    A very, very long story short, there is a grocery store we used to go to that had a springtail problem in their flower beds near the parking lot. We have a lot of nats in our area, and I assumed that’s what they were at first. They were on my car when I came back out, and I didn’t pay it any mind.

    When I came home, I went to wash my hands, and one of them fell into my sink from my clothes. It probably jumped on me when I was getting in/out of my car.

    Being naive about what they were, I did the natural thing. I flushed it down the drain. BAD idea.

    She must have had babies because after that they started coming out of the master bathroom sinks. I just killed them when I saw them, once I learned flushing them back down the drain was a bad thing. I tried bleach, Temprid, Survivors liquid, etc, nothing worked. They eventually started coming out of all the drains in the house from tubs to sinks.

    That’s not every treatment. I’ve gone through a whole process including terminators etc. I know for a fact they’re coming from the drains and not anywhere else in the house or crawl space. All from me flushing the first one down in my drain system.

    I found your product a couple months ago, the gentrol spray. FINALLY! Something works! I spray every two weeks, every Thursday. At first I’d see a few in the sinks or tubs, but they would be dead.

    For a few weeks, I saw nothing. I decided to keep spraying, just in case, but otherwise, everything was great. Three weeks ago, in only one tub (not anywhere else) there were a few dead ones that had come out of the drain. The following week, nothing. I thought, well, maybe I missed them. They could have been there for a while.

    I just sprayed tonight in the drains, and there were two in that same tub. Much less than before. Which is good. Still no where else, which is great.

    I’m just wondering, how long it should take before they are all gone, forever? I know being in the drains this is NOT a common place for them to be living, so finding advice has been very hard. At least this seems to be doing the trick.. well.. to a point.

    They are coming out brown, so I’m assuming they’re not adults (the adults were black). They are a bit smaller than the black ones were, too. And they’re dead on arrival.

    Should I expect that since they’re no longer anywhere else that they are finally dying off? And despite being in this tub, should I expect that they will be totally gone one day? How much longer should I have to keep doing this?

    I have about a quarter of the spray can left. Here’s to hoping by the time it’s done, they’re gone. If you have any advice, please let me know.

  33. 33

    I have springtails in my drain. I know they’re only in my drain, just trust me. Long story short, there was an infestation at a grocery store parking lot we used to go to, and several were on my car. I thought they were nats. I had one in my hair when I was washing my hands when I got home, and stupidly flushed it down the sink. Since then they’ve been coming out of our drains. I tried everything I could think of, hot water, bleach, peroxide, Temprid SC, etc.

    Since then I’ve had exterminators who don’t know what to do (usually toting what I have, Tempird SC). I found this site about 3 months ago and saw your gentral spray. That’s worked wonders!

    For a few weeks, I didn’t see a single one. About four weeks ago though, with constant weekly sprays in each and every drain, saw a few in our second bathroom’s bath tub.

    They were dead at least. I took care of them, sprayed, and didn’t see them for a week. Now I see them in the tub, dead, since then. Every time I spray there, and no where else, there’s at least 2-4 dead ones.

    For the first time tonight though, now I had a live one in my master bath sink. I haven’t seen one there in a VERY long time.

    And I’m getting worried. Is there any freakin way to perminatnly kill these things if they’re in your drain? This spray was doing a great job, but now they’re slowly coming back. What do I do? It stresses me out so much, I just want them gone from my plumbing.

  34. 34

    Hi Darryl,
    If you thought they were gnats, were they flying? I wonder if you are really dealing with springtails. If they are coming from the drains, perhaps you are dealing with drain flies. Drain flies look the most similar to gnats and will breed in the buildup inside the drains. We recommend cleaning the drains with drain gel like the ones that we have on our site. If you have any further questions or comments, please feel free to contact us again.

  35. 35

    I am so frustrated with all of the springtails outside of my house. Some are starting to come inside through the windows and doors. I think it all started when we began cutting down pine trees and didn’t get ride of the branches right away. The trees are all gone now but the springtails are not. They are all over the deck and concrete. We have a pool and there are tons of dead ones in the water. I am not sure how to find the nesting site of them. I was planning to buy the Cy-Kick to spray the baseboards, window sills and door frames, but my main concern is how to get rid of them outside. We had termites and tented the house so I was hoping hat would kill them but they were still all over the deck even though it was tented. Our exterminator company said they don’t treat springtails. So I am hoping your advice on what I can do to figure out their nesting source will help me. Other than the pool, we don’t have any areas with a lot of moisture. We don’t even water our lawn like we should. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!!

  36. 36

    Hello Carrie Ann,
    Thank you for contacting us. Springtails can be a huge nuisance and although they don’t bite, they can be irritating to the skin. We recommend using Cy-kick to treat both indoors and outdoors. We recommend treating those nuisance areas that you mentioned like window sills and door frames as well as the baseboards with the Cy-kick. Keep in mind that all treated areas must be avoided until it has dried completely. Also, Cy-kick is not labeled as an indoor broad application spray so it must be used in only those tight areas that have been previously mentioned. Cy-kick can also be used outdoors for treating springtails as well. In fact, Cy-kick is a good outdoor insecticide because it is a capsulated insecticide, which means that it will give you a longer residual and will not break down as easily with the outdoor elements like rain or sunlight. Springtails must need an ample amount of moisture to survive. Therefore, they are usually very close to the dirt or in areas that have high moisture. Perhaps there may be a leak from the hose faucet or they are thriving by the air conditioning unit. If you have mulch or pine around the house, we recommend using the pulling back the pine and mulch and directly treating the dirt with the Cy-kick around the entire perimeter of the house. Then, go ahead and replace the pine or mulch and treat the above layer as well. Treat the outside door and window frames as well. If you have any further questions or concerns, feel free to contact us again.

  37. 37

    Hi! As many others here, I have pretty much lost my mind over this. Mostly because I am concerned about my son. We are living in a rental property in Germany and have a springtail problem. Fields, and forest are in our backyard, so I am not concerned with where they are coming from…BUT we are moving to a new rental and I am wondering if these guys are going to move with us?? Are they in my furniture? I mostly see them on my window ledges, the walls, and sometimes counter tops. What can I do to help prevent them from moving with us? I am pretty much washing clothes and sealing them in plastic. If I have to throw out the couch I will. If I put books in the freezer will it kill them, like I have read about other pests? Thank you for your time!

  38. 38

    Hello Elle,

    There is no sure way to prevent them from traveling in the furniture to a new location. We recommend steam cleaning the furniture and continue to launder the clothes in hot temperatures and sealing them in airtight bags until you have moved. We do not believe freezing materials will be effective for springtail control. If you have any further questions or comments, please feel free to contact us again.

  39. 39


    I hope you could give me some advice to the issue that I’m having right now. Thanks in advance!!

    I’m not sure if this has to do with Spring, but springtails have been coming out from our baseboards in our kitchen cabinet recently. We mainly store our cups and dry foods in the cabinet.

    We had a pipe leak few months ago in our basement, and we were told that it had leak for quite some time. The wall voids in the room were molded so we had to re-renovate it. Everything was removed and re-installed three months ago.

    Is it normal that they are showing up right now? Shouldn’t they show up few months ago when the mold was still in the basement? We DO have a pool in the backyard, but I believe that it’s coming from the house.

    I heard about the Delta-dust, and I saw the other products you have suggested above. My concern is, we have two birds in the house. It is safe to use the D-Dust or the other products you suggested in the cabinet (consider that we put cups in there)?

    Do you recommend us to pull out the baseboard to see what’s behind?

    Just a note, these are maroon color.

    Thanks so much for helping! I really appreciate it!

  40. 40

    Ahhh…just by doing some research, I have found that I must have also had “Psocids” at my old home. But “both” bugs (Springtails & Psocids)look similar, except one gets into your pantry, & eats your food, and the other one is just a pest…

  41. 41

    Hi Shirley,

    It is interesting that you say that are a maroon color but usually they will be black in color. Perhaps you have a different pest and if you do, it is not advised that you apply any pesticide without the correct identification. We recommend taking a sample to the local entomologist in your area or a professional technician so that you can take the proper steps to eradicate the infestation. If you have any further questions or comments, please feel free to contact us again.

  42. 42

    What happened? I wrote 2 comments in April, one specifically about Springtails in my home, and neither were answered?

  43. 43

    Hello, sprintails & psocids had invaded our home for 8 yrs but last yr was by far the worst. They were in all rooms inside and on front porch and now back patio. We have correct all water issues–fixed gutter problems, hired a company to clean/dehumidify/waterproof our basement. All leaking pipes under sinks as well as bottom floor boards have been replaced. removed outdoor carpet and redwood railing with all new decking.

    They still prevail even though we have an exterminator every 2 wks inside/out. 80% improvement inside but now they took over the front porch and my new back patio. He sprays buty after a cpl days they are back. The exterminator said he thinks they are coming from the yard.

    Where are they coming from or nesting. I’m at my wits end and don’t know what to do and have considered moving.

    Is there someone I can get to find the source? HELP!!’
    Thank you in advance for your assistance.

  44. 44

    If you have mulch in your yard, they could be living in the mulch. You may want to try spreading a granular insecticide on your lawn area.

  45. 45

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  46. 46

    I first noticed the jumping bugs (springtails) when I had plants in my house at Christmas. This was over 2 years ago.

    They’re in my bedroom, I vacuum constantly and have reduced the numbers that are seen. I started to put cups of DampRid in the area that I have I have seen them, since I started to use that product I have been catching lots of the bugs in the liquid, they are all sizes.

    Do you think that this liquid is attracting them, I’m afraid to stop using it for fear I won’t see them and they will start to multiply.

    I live in a brick house with cement all around the house. I would appreciated it if you have any information that will help me eliminate the problem.

    Thank you

  47. 47

    ourwebsite is Let us know if you have any further questions! We’re glad to hear that you had found our blog helpful.

  48. 48

    Spring tails are attracted to moisture and humid conditions make it favorable for them to stay. I would recommend that you spray Cy-Kick CS Liquid insecticide around that area to treat for the springtails.

  49. 49

    Dear Sirs,
    First sorry for my poor English but it’s a foreign language to me. I write from Italy and I have a problem with springtails. Here in Italy these bugs are not very common and a lot of exterminators don’t even know what they are! So I am writing to you, because I find better information abroad hoping you could give me some advice. Thanks in advance!
    We have had a weird weather since January, too much rain, no sun that is not normal for our country. One month ago suddenly came a very hot temperature for 2 weeks and appeared the springtails first in the garden but then they start to enter in my house. I immediately start to fight them outside and inside with insecticide (something similar to what you suggest), with vinegard and bleach, with vacuum, I put dehumidificators all around the house (but normally my house is too dry), we have no leaks in or outside the structure, I eliminate all source of possible moisture inside or outside, the garden is well maintained, I have no plants inside the house, the house is perfecty cleaned, maintained and ventilate.
    The situation seems to remain the same….springtails are still here.
    During the daylight they almost disappear but at the end of the day and night they appear mainly in the sidewalk around the house, on the sills and if we turn on the lights in the house, we see them on the ceiling approaching the chandeliers and we find them mainly in our dining room and bathroom.
    It’s a nightmare…every night I put bleach (seems to be the only thing they hate) and/or insecticide almost everywhere outside and inside and use the vacuum and wash the house several times a day!!! But anything works the next evening springtails return!
    What can I do to resolve the situation? Am I fighting them in the right way? It’s just a matter of time and things will work better?
    Thanks, Giorgia

  50. 50

    If you have eliminated all possible sources of moisture, then it is really a matter of time before the population will disappear. Other ways to help speed up the process is to vacuum them up and dispose of the vacuum bag after each session to prevent any possibilities of escape. Using light traps with a glue board attached will also help with controlling their numbers to a minimum.

  51. 51

    Help! We’ve been battling springtails for about 4 years and I’m literally going absolutely crazy. I believe they are nesting under my vinyl siding, as this is where I’ll see them all over the outside of my home. Then the entry points are through screens and very other crack and crevis around my windows and doors. What should I do? Everybody just thinks I’m crazy, but I’ve absolutely had it! I just want these things gone or I have to move. We’ve lived in this house 9 years, but have only noticed these over the last 4. One major change we made was replacing aluminum siding with vinyl. Is it possible that under the vinyl siding is the culprit? Shoud I rip it off? I’d appreciate any advise you can provide! Also, people mention these things in their furniture, etc, but w/o moisture they can’t live, right?

  52. 52

    It could be, but since you just replaced your siding I would try using CY-KICK CS and spraying around that area and around the perimeter of your whole home. See if there any other moisture sources in which they may be coming from outdoors and be sure to treat that area as well. As far as indoor treat goes… spray the CY-KICK CS around the premises of the areas in which you are seeing them or feeling their presence. Spring tails cannot fly, they just jump REALLY HIGH so it may seem like they are flying. Therefore they are bound to land on top of the treated surface. If you wanted to use something along with the CY-KICK CS such as a type of synergist to enhance the effectiveness of the pesticide, I would recommend EXPONENT.

  53. 53

    Would using a fogger in the room where they are located kill them? I’m losing my mind!! I vacuum everyday but if I miss one or two days, then I see a couple on my bed. Could they be coming in from my skylights?

    Thank you,

  54. 54

    Hi Kori,

    Unfortunately, a fogger would not be effective for springtails. You could use liquid concentrates (such as Fenvastar) to spray around the kitchen, concrete slabs, and wall voids.
    They can usually be found in damp and dusty areas. Hope you’re able to get rid of them!

  55. 55

    Does anything kill springtails directly? And how bad can an indoor infestation get? Is there any chance they will reduce in population on their own? We’ve just noticed them in my sons bedroom.
    About 10-20 around the baseboards and bed. Only along one wall.

  56. 56

    Springtail infestations usually indicate a moisture problem in the area. First inspect the area to see if you can reduce any moisture or humidity which create favorable living conditions for springtails. Meanwhile, eradication can be done with a product called CY-KICK CS or CY-KICK Aerosol.

  57. 57


    I have tried many ways to treat springtails in the past few years. Wasted over $2000 of dollars paying pest control companies and buying my own pest control products to try to get rid of springtails. None of those helped. I still had springtails in and around my house. I have tried more than 6 brands but none of them worked efficiently. YOU CAN GET RID OF SPRINGTAILS ON YOUR OWN. HERE IS HOW. USE Amdro quick kill lawn and landscape GRANULES! It works the best in controlling springtails. Remember to use GRANULES type, not concentrate/spray. Not only you have to try to reduce moistures, mold and mildew inside and outside your house. Apply Amdro granules quarterly throughout your lawn/plants and landscape. Water-in after you apply. You should be able to see a significant decrease in the numbers of springtails in a few days. From my experience with these little creatures, REMEMBER springtails infest fast in large numbers and they live in soils….you must use granules to control those in soils to prevent them from entering your home. You must apply granules quarterly cos springtails do come back from season to season. In bathroom, kitchen and doors, try to remove old caulks and reseal new caulks. Because springtails eat mold and fungus, so removing old caulks HELP!!! THIS IS the best advise I have from my experience with springtails. GOOD LUCK everyone. I know how u feel when u face 1000000ss of springtails. I have been there.

  58. 58

    I have noticed a springtail infestation around our yard and a little stragglers here and there in the house by the back door. We did buy a suggested product from you guys and I have applied it twice but we still have them. I went out to check our pool recently that we’ve had covered and there is a population explosion of springtails in our pool and all around it! We live in SoCal if that matters for suggested pesticide usage. I am just nervous using pesticides on the concrete around the pool as I have kids and don’t want them to be swimming in pesticide runoff. What should I do to get rid off the springtails but keep my kids safe?

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