Kudzu Bug: The Brown Lady Bug

Recently, we’ve been noticing that there has been a huge outbreak or swarming of relatives to the common stink bug. These bugs don’t look similar to the common Brown Marmorated Stink Bug that many homeowners find, but just like their relatives, they do give off an odor and they also have tendencies of swarming in mass numbers. Concentrated in the southeast region, Kudzu Bugs or commonly known as Brown Lady Bugs, have begun to look for a place to find shelter for the winter which means it is time to protect your homes!

Kudzu Bugs in America

Just like their relatives, the Brown Mamorated Stink Bugs, these Kudzu bugs are native to Japan and were most likely brought over to America with imported goods or crops. They were first found in large numbers in the state of Georgia in 2009 and since then, they have been seen in more than 60 northern and central Georgia counties as well as in some other states in the southeast region like South Carolina, Tennessee, and Alabama. Before they were found in Georgia, Kudzu bugs were not known to be found in the entire Western Hemisphere at all.

kudzu bug1Kudzu Bug Identification

Kudzu bugs are going to look very similar to the common pest called Lady Asian Beetle (also common known as the Lady Bug) hence their common name, Brown Lady Bug. Adult Kudzu bugs grow no more than 6 mm long and look very stout or robust. They are olive green in color and many will be speckled with dark brown spots or patterns. Many people will refer to them as a distant relative to the Brown Marmorated stink bug because like them, Kudzu bugs will release an odor when they are attacked or disturbed in any way.

Kudzu Vines as a Host

Initially, when Kudzu bugs were first discovered in Georgia, they were on surfaces of structures in mass numbers and flying to and from Kudzu vines that were nearby. In Asia, where they originated from, one of the preferred food sources or hosts of these brown lady bugs are the kudzu vines. Kudzu vines were first introduced over a hundred years ago to slow down soil erosion on the ground. The vine that is considered invasive and is known as the “vine that ate the south” is now being eaten by invasive Kudzu bugs. Researchers are now saying that as long as there are Kudzu vines, there will be Kudzu bugs and these bugs are also not limited to the south. Where the Kudzu vines are, the Kudzu bugs will also be.

kudzu bug11Kudzu Bugs as a Nuisance Pests

Kudzu bugs, like the Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs, will not damage your house in any way. However, Kudzu bugs are one of the largest nuisance bugs because of their habits of overwintering. Like many crawling insect pests or pests in general, they will seek places to protect them from low and very cold temperatures. Most likely, this will be your house. Many people will begin to notice that they these insect pests, including Kudzu bugs will cling onto surfaces that are heated up by the sun and will soon try to make their move to enter buildings and structures to find warmer temperatures. Even if you are unable to find them inside, they may already be well hidden and you may not even know that they are inside. However, the following spring, as the climate and temperatures increase, they will once again, begin to move. However, rather than moving inside, they will begin to try and leave your home and return to their normal cycle of life. You’ll most likely find them around your windows or door frames in mass numbers. For Kudzu bugs, they not only sought out warm surfaces, but it’s noticed that they are especially drawn to light colored or painted buildings. All the while, Kudzu bugs were especially a huge nuisance, because they give off an unpleasant odor. This is a complete inconvenience because it even rids you of using the traditional option of “crushing with shoes or newspapers.”

Even outside, it’s not surprising to walk around and have Kudzu bugs cling to your clothes, get mixed up in your hair, cling to cars, and etc. They fly and they crawl which makes them all the more difficult to prevent them from getting inside your homes. So! Be prepared. Their worst enemy will be the cold and so make sure you are taking the right steps to keep them from going inside your house and keeping them outside.

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Date: Friday, 21. October 2011 9:36
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  1. 1

    These things are a damm nightmare. I got swarmed trying to get into my compound and the door was locked so I couldnt escape before one landed in my hair and another in my clothing. I got rid of the one in my hair but lost track of the one in my clothing. Now it has emitted some weird paint smelling stink that I couldnt clean out of my clothes. So I am stuck with the smell until I get home. Let there be no question, I am stripping as soon as I get in the garage!!!

  2. 2

    Hi Latasha. They are a pain and the smell is horrible! Make sure to seal your home so that they are unable to nest there. The best way to get rid of them is to make sure they are unable to survive the winter!

  3. 3

    I have been attacked by these bugs and they are horrific, I have tried bug sprays and other chemicals, so far I have been able to vacuum them and drowned them! But the smell is aweful and yankee candles only last so long….. any advice would be appreciated! My skin is crawling.

  4. 4

    Hi Chrissie! The swarming sense that you feel when you encounter these bugs is really quite overwhelming! The best thing to do is an integrated approach with both mechanical and chemical control methods. You should definitely inspect around your home to see if all cracks and crevices are taken care of, especially the ones by windows and doors and even all the ones by utility lines and around the base of the structure. These types of areas are often times, missed, which means that they will work as an entry point for the Kudzu bugs. Then, use a long residual insecticide that will further protect the outside of your home. Talstar Pro is a great insecticide that kills Kudzu bugs when they come in contact with the treated area.

  5. 5

    We are from Michigan and the the box elder bugs which were terrible and remind me of these things that we now have at our South Carolina home. The only thing that would kill the box elder is soap and water in a hose end sprayer. It doesn’t prevent them, just kills them on contact. We had a mild winter here in SC so I’m guessing that is why we have so many this year swarming our windows! I’m starting to spray now. Hope it works on these things too!

  6. 6

    I encountered these for the first time this weekend. All of a sudden all the customers that walked into my store were covered in them! They are nice & I think its awesome to find an insect I didnt recognize. I removed a few from a,coworkers,clothes,and set them free. I didnt kill them & I didnt smell them. I held one so that the customers didnt give into dramatic over,reaction that society feels, is the appropriate reaction.. I germ xed afterwards :) I am interested in an invasive species’ affect on the,ecosystem… Kudzu then these boxybrownladybugs… Anyone know what this could affect?

  7. 7

    These bugs are all over our neighborhood (Blythewood SC – near N Pines Road). They are all over my house in the thousands… and are laying eggs!!! If they are an invasive species will the state or city need to know about them being all over the neighborhood laying eggs on everything?

  8. 8

    I discovered these pests last year(2011) as they covered my wisteria which is draping my front porch. Although I have found several insecticides that kill with contact.. these bugs are super sensitive and will fly with the least touch of any spray! I’m going to try powders next. If anyone knows of an insecticide with good residual results, please let me know. I love my wisteria that I have had for nearly 20 years!

  9. 9

    I want to agree that these pests DO bite. I am sure that what I have is a kudzu bug. I had an exterminator look at them. He agreed they can bite if they feel threatened(even though I see sites that says they do not bite). My son was first bitten and I figured that he must have gotten another bug bite. Then today I went outside and was swarmed by them. I had them in my clothes and hair and I have about 12 very irritated looking bites on my hands arms and face. They itch less than a mosquito bite but look much worse that an irritated mosquito bite. They sting more than itch. So I think they are much more than a nuisance.

  10. 10

    Hello Maggie,
    They are an invasive pest that will enter structures during the fall to prepare for hibernation. Entomologists are well aware of the current infestations that are starting to become more evident in America, especially on the east coast of the United States. Unfortunately, there are not many things that we can do except to make sure that you are sealing all entry points in your home as well as use insecticides on the outside of your house around window sills and door frames to kill the insects on contact.

  11. 11

    Hi Trisha,

    Just a head’s up, using dusts outside can be almost ineffective because it will blow away or even wash away easily. Residual insecticides that can be used on ornamentals, like your wisteria, is the best. For stink bug types and outdoor control, we recommend Lambdastar 9.7. Currently, Lambdastar 9.7 is the only insecticide that we carry that actually have Kudzu and Brown Marmorated stink bugs on the label. If you have any further questions or comments, please feel free to contact us again.

    Best Regards,

  12. 12

    Wasp and Hornet spray did the job for me. We planted sunflowers near the house and late in the afternoon hundreds of the kudzu bugs congregated there. Sprayed a whole can and pretty much wiped them out.

  13. Greer Giegerich
    Monday, 30. July 2012 8:05

    I disturbed a cluster of Kudzu bugs that were eating a vine. They were then all around me and on my shirt. I walked away; I know this might sound gross, but because it was so hot, I wiped the perspiration off my face with my shirt, I can do that because I have no neighbors. At that moment I thought the whole right side of my face was on fire. I was near a water spigot and I rinsed my face for about 5 minutes. I have a burn or bite at the corner of my right eye and it has been 5 days and it still hurts and looks like a burn, deep red color and is crusty. I have read that these bugs don’t bite, but I think it is kinda weird that when I wiped my face the right side of my face burn, but I’ve only had one spot that showed anything happened.

  14. 14

    Hi Greer Giegerich,
    You may have severely reacted to the secretion that the stink bugs may have released onto your clothes when you disturbed them. But I am not very sure why or what you have reacted to. You may have to go see a dermatologist or a doctor so that they can better assist you.

  15. 15

    I HATE the suckers!! I know there’s only one brand (according to the retailer listed above that sells it) of insecticide to kill them…what I’m wondering, though, is DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW TO REPEL THEM? Their numbers outside my home are steadily increasing by the week. I live in apartments right next to tons of kudzu bushes. I hate them! Their stench is wretched and – whether they bite or not – these things are absolutely a skin irritant in many people (myself included). Since I rent my apartment (and likely landlords won’t spray for such a random insect) can anyone advise me on what scents REPEL them? If I can’t kill them…the best I can do is seal doorways & windows to prevent the wretched things from invading my home.

    On a side note…And after MUCH experimenting with how to remove the odor from your skin, I highly recommend keeping some essential oil of lemon on hand if you must encounter these beasts. Thus far, this is the ONLY thing that removes/masks their god-aweful scent. Make sure you get the pure stuff though, and no blends. You can add it to plain, fragrance-free soap (use a LOT). OR (if your skins is neither sensitive to the Kudzu bug’s stink oil nor sensitive in general) you can just wash your hands and then apply the lemon essential oil – works like a charm!

  16. 16

    BTW…I’m in no way wanting to sound like I wouldn’t purchase the above listed insecticide – it’s just not likely an option for me.

  17. 17

    Hi Michelle,

    Yeah, unfortunately, there is no real way to repel them. There is no preventative for an infestation on the outside of the house. We only provide ways of eradication. There are multitudes of insecticides that will eradicate the kudzu bugs. Thanks for the tip on removing the odor though!

  18. 18

    Hi, this is Michelle again

    Latasha above mentioned the stink not doming out of her clothes. I was stinked on (cotton fabric) and used a the lemon essential oil (about 20 drops on a wet washcloth) and scrubbed all over where the stench was. I let that set on my shirt for about 20 minutes, then washed it as normal. IT WORKED!! Throwing this clothing away is not an option as it belonged to someone dear to me who passed away. It came out smelling fresh with no trace of the stink bug scent. AND it didn’t stain my fabric (I was concerned that it would, since I used lemon oil on it).

    I live in Asheville, NC. I called my landlord and they sent Terminex out. They sprayed all around and on my home, all doors, etc. It didn’t work at all! The Terminex guy said that their insecticides have been betting mixed reviews in regards to the kudzu bugs. He said that garlic may help repel them, as it helps with the common stinkbugs. If you saw my back porch, you’d think I was afraid of vampires haha! However…as with the insecticide Terminex used, the garlic didn’t do a thing to repel the kudzu bugs.

    IF ANYONE KNOWS WHAT SCENTS HELP REPEL THESE BUGS, PLEASE POST!! I’m desperate…I HATE these things and they are EVERYWHERE! I can’t even take my little girl out back to play because we both end up with them on us.

    Another sidenote: WEARING BRIGHT COLORS SEEMS TO HELP DETER THEM FROM LANDING ON YOU! They’ll fly right past me and land on my husband or the siding of the apartment. Also, cinnamon essential oil will get rid of the scent on your skin but it MUST be mixed with soap, not applied directly to your skin as I had the misfortune of finding out. My skin was on fire for almost an hour.

    AAARRRGGGGHHHH I am so fed up!

  19. 19

    How do you kill these things

  20. 20

    Hey I was heading into my ACA 115 class when one of these hit my eye. I closed my eye just in time for it to be caught in my eye lash though. I got out of my eye lash, but once I tried to open my eye I couldn’t. It instantly began to burn as I was in true pain, however a very nice employee of the college I go to told me to go wash my eye out with cold running water. I offically hate those bugs.

  21. 21

    Hello my name is Kiniko. I freaking hate these bugs because I am afraid they will crawl on me in the middle of the night and or bite me. I have sprayed a hand full of them, with wasps spray and the results so far they are dropping like flies. I have not left my house because I am terrified of these things. They are by the garage infrint of the front door. The back door. The windows. EVERYWHERE!!!!!! Please someone help me. Do burning these things help? Because I’m tempted to burn my whole house just to get rid of these things. They freak me out and I shake at the slightest touch on my skin…

  22. 22

    These kudzu bugs are very bad if i knew how bad these things were i would have not moved to cleveland co. i beleave when the co. use to spay different pestisides bugs of any kind wasnt as bad misquito are anything has anyone tried a bug light by any chance ? are does anyone know what kind of pesticides to use even if they keep comeing back if anyone has found anything that works please let me know

  23. 23

    Although these bugs may or may not bite, I have had a severe chemical burn from whatever they excrete. I accidentally sat on one and have a brown scar where its secretions contacted my upper leg. It burned terribly and was hard to wash off leaving me with a sore that stayed a few days.
    They began showing up in NC around Charlotte, Belmont area about 2yrs ago. We have plenty of kudzu behind my office, but they aren’t selective. Maple trees, okra, tomatos, they like it all.

  24. 24

    Hello Charles burrows,
    The best way to kill the kudzu bugs is naturally as in use the weather to your advantage. They are most often noticed during the beginning of spring and during the fall season. During the fall, they are looking for a place to hibernate for the winter and escape the cold season and during the spring, they make their way out of the home and back outside. That is why it is important for you to make sure that you are sealing all potential entry points like cracks and crevices around the foundation as well as around the window and door frames and the garage frame. We recommend a pyrethroid active ingredient like Bifenthrin, Deltamethrin, or Cyfluthrin for stink bug control. A product like Talstar Pro or Suspend SC will work. These products are liquid concentrate insecticides that are diluted in water and applied by pump sprayer. Create a barrier around the entire structure and treat the perimeter by spraying a few feet up from the base of the structure and a few feet out from the base of the structure. You want to keep in mind that since stink bugs are flying insects, they will be able to reach higher up and you want to treat as high up as you can, especially paying close attention to the frames of the windows and doors. Always review the product label before application of the insecticide. If you have any further questions or comments, please feel free to contact us again.

  25. 25

    Hello Kinikokills,
    Just to inform you, but Kudzu bugs are harmless, but because they are harmless does not mean that they are not a nuisance. Using fire to kill them may work, but it will only provide you with short term control and needless to say, it is very dangerous to use fire. First and foremost, it is important to seal off all cracks and crevices around the exterior part of the structure. You want to check for potential entry points by the windows and door frames as well as the utility lines that enter the building. You can apply pesticides as to create a barrier around the exterior of the structure. We recommend a pyrethroid insecticide like Suspend SC or Talstar Pro. Remember to spray around the entire perimeter of the structure, focusing on window frames, door frames, and potential entry points by utility lines. If you have any further questions or comments, please feel free to contact us again.

  26. 26

    Hi Mandy,
    Bug lights kill stink bugs only by chance. If, by chance, they happen to land on the glue, then they die. But, unlike flies, stinkbugs aren’t attracted to the light and so fly lights are basically ineffective and will not help you control them. We recommend treatment with a pyrethroid insecticide like Suspend SC or Talstar Pro. You should treat the exterior of your house and target window frames, door frames, and other potential entry points. If you use the chemical indoors, it is only recommend and labeled for crack and crevice treatment and so the areas that you can apply the product to is limited to baseboards, window sills, door frames, and other areas that you do not come in contact with frequently. You should always read the product label before application for complete dilution rates and application instructions. If you have any questions on the product, feel free to contact us again.

  27. 27

    They have invaded the playground at the daycare I work at, last week one flew in my shirt. I didn’t know it was in there until it started burning. I went in and washed the area but later on that night blisters appeared. That was last week and I still have the blisters and they do not look any better. Where I live the government released them to take care of the Kudzu and all I have to stay is they are idiots. Kudzu doesnt hurt anything but these bugs are so ANNOYING!!!!

  28. 28

    Hi Emma,
    I’m not sure if the blisters are from the Kudzu bugs. You may want to get a dermatologist or a physician to look at the blisters. I also do not know if there have been any instances where the government released the Kudzu bugs because they can actually be very harmful to crops and agriculture. The best thing to do for Kudzu bug control is exclusion by sealing all cracks and crevices around the structure. You should also maintain regular pest control around the entire perimeter of the structure with a labeled pesticide like Suspend SC or Talstar Pro. If you have any further questions or comments, please feel free to contact us again.

  29. 29

    I live in Auburn, Alabama and these bugs are absolutely horrible!!! My son can’t even go outside and play without being covered. I m trying to find any kind of solution so he can go play and we can actually enjoy the outdoors!

  30. 30

    Hi Alicia,

    Unfortunately, when it is warm, it is almost impossible to keep them away. We do not carry any products that can be sprayed on the body or on clothes. We do have products that you can spray on surfaces like Talstar Pro or Fenvastar ECOcap. We apologize that we are not able to better assist you. If you have any further questions or concerns though, please feel free to contact us again.

  31. 31

    I mixed rosemary oil and water,sprayed it , they do not like it, none on my porch. I would be willing to spray it all day to get them away, they stink and make me itch and burn

  32. 32

    I have srayed around the bottom of my home and all of my windows….my problem is…these little bugs are at my second story level covering all of my second story windows and roof..I don’t have siding …I have a brick home…with double pane windows…but have aluminum trim work under the eves of my roof…this aluminum trim has tiny holes in it….I an afraid these little bugs nested in there or maybe in the woodwork of the roof itself…even though they are at the second story level you cannot enjoy sitting out back ..they are everywhere flying around…so far they haven’t managed to get to the inside of the home through the double panes…I’m afraid it’s only a matter of time….how on earth am I to get spray to the second story without killing myself

  33. 33

    Hi Sandy,

    Unfortunately, there is no other way to treat the second floor without hiring a professional who have proper tools to treat locations that are not easily accessible. We recommend contacting a professional to have them treat the upper levels. If you have any further questions or comments, please feel free to contact us again.

  34. 34

    Do you know if their working on a way to repel them?

  35. 35

    Hi Jeremy,

    Unfortunately, there’s no real way to repel Kudzu bugs. During this warm season, you must make sure you take the time to take measures of exclusion by sealing cracks and crevices around the house and especially around the window and door frames. You can also treat around these areas with a long residual insecticide like Suspend SC. If you have any further questions or comments, please feel free to contact us again.

  36. 36

    Thanks so much for the helpful suggestions. I was beginning to think I was the only one dealing with an over abundance of Kudzu bugs. I can’t enter my house without being swarmed, as they collect on the surface of the door. I live in Western NC and the huge numbers of these little pests have been of great concern to me. The smell is just awful,particularly after I mow the yard…I guess large numbers are hiding in the grass. I’m going to try the rosemary oil and water spray suggested earlier and hope it makes a difference.

  37. 37

    I’ve been reading a few of the posts on how the kudzu bugs have swarmed the houses.I don’t have that problem of them being all over my house, my problem is that they are all over my wisteria. I would like to know if they are damaging the plant? What would get them off? Would love some help in Lake City,SC

  38. 38

    Hi Sandy Janes,

    Wisteria is an ornamental plant, which means that you are able to treat the ornamental with the proper insecticide to kill the Kudzu bugs. We recommend using Suspend SC to use on your wisteria. It is a liquid concentrate that must be diluted with water and sprayed onto surfaces with a pump sprayer. If you have any further questions or comments, please feel free to contact us again.

  39. 39

    I found them at my house today.They were EVERYWHERE!
    I felt one crawling on my head,made my skin crawl! They actually smell like cilantro when they feel threatened. Too weird.

  40. 40

    Kudzu Bugs have been a new nuisance pest recently. They have been highly populating the Eastern regions of North America. These bugs are from the family of stink bugs (hence the unpleasant scent they secrete). They also like to reside on sunny sides of the home so it would be best to treat those areas with products like Talstar Pro.

  41. 41

    Hi I just moved from MA to Myrtle Beach, SC. yesterday I mow the lawn then within an hour all these Kudzu bugs started to stick to my back door glass. I killed one then did research because at first I thought it was a tick. I read everyone’s advice and comments. I am FREAKING OUT HERE. I should have stood in MA but I wanted to be near the beach… I cannot enjoy my backyard, grill n take sun this is ridiculous. I have dogs and a cat so I am afraid of insecticides for them. Now they are on my window screens, found one in my dinning area, on my grill and I’m afraid to let my dogs outside. I haven’t smelled anything yet.I am scratching and feel irritated like if they are crawling on me. I know its my mind playing with me, but I need to go take a shower right now!!! H E L P, Move me back to MA I need to treat my home and yard, how when I have animals????

  42. 42

    Hi Molly,

    Sorry to hear about your infestation of the Kudzu bugs. There is a product called Talstar Pro in which you can use to spray around the outside of the home (especially focusing around all window, door frames, sunny sides of the home, and in areas where you are mostly seeing them). Once it has fully dried it is okay for pets or children to reoccupy the area. Other than the annoyance from their presence and the foul odor they may secrete, Kudzu bugs are harmless.

  43. 43

    The back of our house is covered with kudzu bugs…never had this problem during the past 6 years we’ve lived in SC. We just had some new sod laid in the backyard. Could this be the problem? We don’t have any visible kudzu in the area, but there is a wisteria next door. However, it’s been there for several years. None of our neighbors are having this problem. We recently had our lawn sprayed with Sevin because of a problem with (get this)…excessive worm poop! Any suggestions?

  44. 44

    Thanks for your post Mag, Kudzu Bugs have been a recent nuisance so it makes sense you have been recently dealing with them. They are attracted to warmth and bright colors so will usually hang out around the sunny sides of the home. Because of the recent spurge in their population, many have been finding great success exterminating them with Talstar Pro.

  45. 45

    I had one in my pants this morning. I felt like I was being burned by something on the inside of my leg. I quickly took off my pants and shook them out and a kudzu bug fell out. I have a red circle that is just a little smaller than a dime and it has burned all day!

  46. 46

    We were at a Restaurant outside eating on the deck and thousands of these little bugs were flying all around everyone. They bit my son, nephew, niece and myself numerous times. They were very visual, so this was not another insect that bit us. The bites are much worse than a Mosiqto bite. They are little red bumps that sting and itch badly. TAKE THESE THINGS BACK TO JAPAN!!!

  47. 47

    I recently purchased a water slide for my son to have at his Birthday party in August. He tried it out this weekend and before we knew it the slide was covered in these bugs. Is there anything I could spray on the slide or near by to prevent them that is safe for children to be around.

  48. 48

    I would recommend Talstar Pro. Since Kudzu bugs are attracted to sunny sides of the home, I would recommend thorough treatment along those areas as well as any other places where you are seeing their activity. After application you should allow several hours for dry time before reoccupying the sprayed areas. Once it has fully dried it is safe to be around. Talstar Pro carries a delay kill and residual effect. This allows for long term treatment. If you begin treatment now, you should be able to get their numbers controlled by August.

  49. 49

    I have also been “bitten” by these bugs 3 times it burns & leaves a red mark. I don’t know if they bite or I’m having an allergic reaction to their stink spray they release when disturbed. Needless to say I HATE them they hang all over the pool furniture & get in the pool & harass you

  50. 50

    We have these bugs all over our house. And they will cling to anything they can. Almost impossible to keep them out of your home and your car. They appear to love water. Yet, they easily drown in water.
    They love it hot and bright.
    It’s usually around noon before we see them and they are gone at dark.
    I hate them with a passion. Just caught about 30 of them in a jar to take to a professional.

  51. 51

    I don’t understand the denials in the above comments – maybe these bugs don’t technically “bite”, but they do release a chemical that is a skin irritant. It stings initially, then itches like crazy. Maybe some people are less sensitive to the chemical the kudzu bug excretes, but to those of us who are dealing with the itchy red welts caused by these bugs, it is frustrating to be referred to a dermatologist.

  52. 52

    Kudzu bugs are huge pests in areas where they reside. It’s best to treat them with a long residual insecticide such as Talstar Pro or Suspend SC. The insecticide should be thoroughly sprayed around the areas in which they are present, such as the sunny sides of the homes. In order to keep foragers from invading indoors, you will need to spray along all window and door frames.

  53. 53

    I had one fly into the corner of my eye two days ago. I guess it emmitted a chemical that burned my eye like heck and has left my eye redenned and swollen. And yes, I smelled it, too.

  54. 54

    Ouch! ><
    Sorry to hear about your direct encounter with one of these stinky bugs. It definitely does not sound like a pleasant experience… If the Kudzu bugs continue to appear in your area I would recommend spraying around the outer perimeter of the home with a product like Talstar Pro

  55. 55

    Bush Hogged for about 3 hours in Leeds, Alabama yesterday. Ragweed everywhere as I haven’t mowed this pasture all year. It was COVERED in kudzu bugs. Both lots of acreage next to mine are covered in Kudzu. I felt like I was driving through a black snowstorm on the tractor. Evidently I am not sensitive to their emitted chemical as I was covered in them for hours and have no after effects. It looks like this nuisance bug is going to be real problem with the numbers they produce! To me the odor was unpleasant but not awful.

  56. 56

    if you put some dawn dish soap diluted in spray bottles.it will eventally make them go away! I just did it! they smell like cucumbers!annoing bugs!!!!

  57. 57

    Are this things harmful to dogs. My schnauzer just eat one.

  58. 58

    If you suspect unusual behavior from your schnauzer you should call your veterinarian. However Kudzu bugs themselves are not poisonous.

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