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Roaches can create quite a mess, spreading diseases, ruining food and scaring people at the same time. That’s why you need roach products to deal with the problem immediately. Here is the review of one of the most popular roach bait product in the market.

Called Max-Force Roach Bait Station, this roach bait is reviewed for a variety of roaches, particular German and brown banded ones. The product, which comes with hydramethylon is the broadest label for roaches and comes with the best acceptance rate. When tested, it showed promising results for eliminating entire population with top of the line roach control.

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The roach bait takes almost 1-2 to show its effect. Its poison spreads through contact and ingestion and 2-4 roach bait gels stations were used for 100 square feet for light and moderate infestation. The product started affecting within a few days and visible differences were seen in the overall roach population within 2 weeks. Once the infestation was gone, the leftover bait stations were removed and area cleaned.

Since roaches either move through sewer pipes or from lawns, we decided to treat the root cause as well. For lawns, rodeo aquatic herbicide to kill aquatic weeds, woody plants and perennial weeds, ensuring that any entry points for roaches are avoided.

We at Pestmall offer Max-force baits and a variety of other products for dealing with roaches and other pest infestations. Visit our website for details. Free shipping available.

Date: Monday, 29. September 2014 1:14
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