Moving into a roach infested house.

Question    : Moving into a roach infested house. What product would work best before we move in? Demon WP or Alpine Cockroach Gel Bait?

Answer   : Well, both Demon WP and Alpine Cockroach Gel Bait carry a delay kill effect so you will able to efficiently affect the roaches that are within your wall void area as well. The major difference will reflect upon the species of roaches you are trying to treat. Larger roaches (1 inch) tend to nest outdoors. Therefore Demon Wp would be most effective for its circumstances. However if you are mostly dealing with German roaches (1/2 inch) then you will just need to focus on treatment indoors in which you can either use Demon Wp or a roach gel. Many people prefer the gels for indoor use because WP (Wettable Powder) may leave a hazy white finish of the powder on the surface in which it was applied.

Alpine Cockroach Gel Bait Alpine Cockroach Gel Bait

DEMON WP Insecticide - 1 EnvelopeDEMON WP Insecticide – 1 Envelope


Date: Tuesday, 26. April 2011 11:51
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    is this kids safe

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    It depends on what you mean by “kid safe.” Obviously, if the children ingest the gel or WP, it will not be good for them. The gel is usually safe as long as you make sure to tell your kids that they should not touch the gel or eat it. Children should be kept away from the WP until it is completely dry. When it does dry, however, your kids should still know not to touch it or ingest it. Hopefully, your children will listen and not do any of these things 🙂

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