Safer Roach Control: Some Tips

Cockroaches are both disgusting and a threat to human health. One of the most common pests to invade homes, roaches multiply quickly and if an invasion is not checked quickly can be seen crawling all over the property unabashedly.

When it comes to roach control using just one method rarely suffices. In a severe case a commercial roach killer might also need to be applied.  Other than that there area several bait such as avert cockroach gel bait, alpine cockroach gel bait, maxforce roach killer bait and the likes available.  Depending upon the type of roach invasion one or more of these can be applied.


While these are steps that need to be taken once the infestation has taken place, in order to control it’s a process of inspection and exclusion that needs to be applied. Inspecting signs of roach activity on a regular basis and keeping an eye out for cockroach eggs and shed skin is helpful.

Talking about exclusion steps can and need to be taken to reduce cockroach-hiding places. Gaps, pipes under sinks and cracks in walls are potential areas where cockroach breeding takes place.

In addition to these, sanitation is the ultimate goal in order to make sure no breeding takes place. Removing sources of food and water is the key and while it is not practical to be able to do this completely, efforts should be made towards minimization.

In the end, all one can do is take care of these things but if all else fails and an attack does take place, pest control services are imperative.  The professionals will use a commercial roach killer and get rid of the pests and after that it is a matter of continued maintenance.

Want to control roaches? Use the steps above for guidance and get started today!

Date: Tuesday, 23. December 2014 1:12
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