Don’t Let the Kudzu Bugs In!

So many names and but so little information! Globular stink bugs, brown lady bugs, lablab bugs, and most commonly known as kudzu bugs, these insects have take over the southeast region of the United States. Because they are fairly new and just heavily concentrated in just one area of the United States, it seems that there is not much information or common knowledge about this bug. People find them clinging to their clothes, crawling inside their cars and houses, on the outside of buildings and vehicles and etc. Now that they are more prominent and obviously becoming much more of a nuisance than they originally were, many people are seeking methods to get rid of them in the most effective way possible. The most important thing about Kudzu Bug control, though, will be to practice such pest control methods like exclusion by mechanical control and prevention by chemical control.

Control Kudzu Bugs

The most important part of controlling almost all pests, including the Kudzu bugs, is to make sure and practice such a pest control method called exclusion. Exclusion is going to be crucial in preventing an infestation.

The most basic way to exclude Kudzu bugs from the home will be to make mechanical changes to a structure and inspecting a building for possible entry points. This will involve inspection and making adjustments to the structure accordingly. Inspect areas like the windows, doors, utility lines that enter the building, vents, and etc. When inspecting such areas, some key entry points to look for are holes in the screening of doors and windows, cracks around the screens, bad venting or holes and damages in screening to protect the vents as well as cracks and crevices around the utility pipe penetrations into the structure. These things should be fixed immediately and areas around the utility pipes can be stuffed with steel wool or caulk. Finally, when doors and windows are shut, they should properly seal shut. If not, these should be adjusted and such devices like door sweeps should be installed.

Chemical control is also highly effective after all mechanical adjustments are made the home. By creating a barrier of insecticide, chemical control will prove to be effective for the Kudzu bugs that are crawling on the outside of the home. Chemical control is also very effective inside the house, especially in areas where you will find Kudzu bugs most frequently like window frames, door frames, and especially in the attic. Use long lasting residual insecticides to that you don’t need to spend time applying and reapplying insecticides more than you have to.

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Date: Monday, 14. November 2011 11:00
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