Termites: Two Products That Can Help Control And Eliminate

Termites, as we all know, can be an extremely serious problem in any home or property. While on the one hand there are certain DIY methods to help control and eliminate the pests, albeit not easy, the other option is to take the help of certain products available in the market.

The onslaught of a good pesticide when used correctly can destroy termites effectively. Talking about available products, two that work well are Termidor and Cyper TC.

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Here’s a lowdown on both:

Termidor: Before one starts to wonder where to buy termidor, it makes sense to understand what it is and what it does. Termidor TC can be bought online and applied to areas in and around the house in order to prevent and kill the termites. For application, Termidor has to be mixed with water as directed and then using a spray can applied to the foundation areas of the house that connect the building and soil.

Cyper TC: Cyper TC is another powerful odorless insecticide that helps control subterranean termites effectively. It is non-irritating and non-staining and almost impossible to tell where it is applied after it has dried out. It is also compatible and can be used in conjunction with herbicides, fungicides and liquid fertilizers.

Termites can be the bane of existence for anyone and if not checked on time can corrode the very foundation of a property. Ina  lot of weather conditions where moisture is present they can be a dominant problem but using one or the other of the above products can be helpful.

Want to treat termites? Use the above-mentioned products and start your mission today!

Date: Monday, 8. December 2014 6:55
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