Kill Termites: 4 Best Ways To Get Rid With Them By Yourself

If you are fed up and searching for ways on how to kill termites, then you don’t have to stress yourself anymore. Try these simple ways to get rid of these pests all by yourself-

Termidor SC

One of the bestselling products from BASF, Termidor SC is the perfect way of getting rid of Termites. The product can be used for different types of control against termites and ants. It can be poured into 6 inch deep holes from the perimeter of your property or used for spot treatment or for pre-construction control.

Timber Insecticide and Fungicide

If your property is infected by drywood termites, this is the product to invest upon. It can be applied as dust, spray or foam and mist into crack or crevices and directly onto the wood. Comes with borate powder and offers an additional layer of protection.

Bora-Care Termiticide

Designed particularly to get rid of pests, this product comes with powerful residual formula, which works directly on wood boring insects. Its residual factor is so long that it can remain active for up to 12 years, providing long-lasting protection.

Pro-Citra DL

The natural contact aerosol has been designed for those who want a product without any synthetic active ingredients. The natural, nature friendly product comes with D-Limonene, which has the same caliber as other popular sprays but sans the side effects.

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Date: Thursday, 28. August 2014 2:44
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