We have Sentricon plastic moniters. The moniters look the same?

Q       :We have Sentricon plastic monitors. Will the Shatter Bait work in these? the monitors look the same?

A       : Yes, Sentricon stations will work with the Shatter Baits. Any of the hex pro replacements will also work with the Sentricon stations. Although the color and design may look slightly different, the sizes for the two stations remain universal because it is manufactured by the same company. Installing your own baiting stations will save you up to 70% compared to hiring an exterminator.

The usage of the monitors are the same too. It is recommended that you check the monitors quarterly for any active termite activity. Once an active infestation is found in a monitoring station it is recommended that you replace the monitoring cartridge with the baiting cartridge.

Date: Friday, 22. April 2011 11:44
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