The Importance of Amdro Fire Ant Killer

Fire ants can be quite nasty pests. In fact, their sting can hurt a lot. That’s why you need to eradicate any infestation of fire ants immediately. Eradication would not just offer long-residual protection, but ensure that you don’t have to worry about stings and skin allergies anymore.

A popular product used for the purpose is the Amdro fire ant killer. The product is a bait, which can destroy an entire colony of fire ants (native or imported). Here are some of the benefits of this ant bait-

amdro fire ant killer

  • Firstly, the product unleashes a sneak attack. It keeps you safe, ensuring that you aren’t hurt or stung in the process. All you have to do is distribute the circle of bait around the mound.
  • It directly works on the queen of the fire ants. Amdro understands the behavior of ants and uses it to kill the queen and destroy the mound once and for all. The worker fire ants share it with the queen, who eats and dies, killing the entire colony with her!
  • Just 2-5 tablespoons do the trick and destroy the mound within two weeks of application.
  • Economical and effective solution
  • Can be applied early in the morning or early evening to guarantee maximum results.
  • You can use it with advance carpenter ant baits without a fuss.

The fire ant bait and killer is available at Pestmall. For more information on the product or to buy any other DIY Pest control solution, visit our website. Free shipping available.

Date: Wednesday, 24. September 2014 6:43
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