Demon Roach Spray: An Overview

What is demon roach spray?

Demon roach spray is a long term residual insecticide that has been hugely popular in the US. Users will unanimously agree that this product is the best you can lay you hands on, when it comes to getting rid of a large variety of insects. Insects that the demon roach spray kills include large cockroaches, spiders, crickets, etc.

The demon roach is authorized by USDA and can be used in all indelible product areas, including egg, poultry and meat processing plants. The product is meant for both indoor and outdoor use and is very easy to use.

demon roach spray

Application & Results

It comes in packets that can be dissolved in water and sprayed in the affected areas.

With 40% concentration of cypermethrin, the demon roach spray is highly effective in killing a wide variety of insects. Its effects can be seen in a matter of a few days and its effects last for about 2-3 months post which it needs to be reapplied.

Other variants

Besides, the spray concentrate, the mix is also available in the form of powder and gel. The spray usually works great. However, if you notice the spray isn’t providing effective results you can opt for the gel and the powder, which are also highly effective.

Have you tried the demon roach spray yet? Which form of the insecticide has worked best for you? Share your thoughts and experiences with us below.

Date: Friday, 10. October 2014 4:59
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