Multifunctional Insecticides: The Answer to all Your Bug Problems

Bug attacks are a common thing in and around the house and something that needs to be controlled right from the word go. While in most cases it pays to actually find ways that help prevent the invasion from taking place in the first instance, in a circumstance where the attack has already happened, there are steps that need to be taken to rectify it.

There are a number of CY Kick Scorpions products in the market that are specifically created towards the elimination of particular types of bugs and insects. That being said there are a few multifunctional ones that are strong enough to attack more than one species. Given that, it is handy to know which ones these are. Here’s a lowdown:

  • Drione Insecticide: Drione Dust as it is commonly known contains pyrethrins and has no odor. In addition to this it does not stain and is effective for almost up to six months it is left untouched on the application area. This ones effective in killing bed bugs, ants, roaches, fleas, ticks, silverfish and many more.

drione insecticide

  • CY Kick Scorpions: With a power range that lasts nearly three months this CY kick Scorpions is targeted not just for scorpions but also for other species such as earwigs and centipedes. This rather deadly insecticide is good for use indoor as well as outdoors and can be used on the toughest of areas and spaces.

cy kick scorpions

  • Demon WP Insect Killer: This residual insecticide comes in powder form and again can kill pests that include ants, crickets and some species of roaches. The powder is wet-able, has low odor and is extremely long lasting.

demon insect killer

In addition to the Drione insecticide, CY Kick Scorpions and Demon Insect killer there are similar products available in the market that can be located via good research.

Looking for good pesticides to keep around the property? Choose from any one of the ones above today!

Date: Friday, 26. December 2014 0:43
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