My Experiences of Quinkill Max Crabgrass and Weed Killer

Sometimes, we all have to stop asking and take the matter in our own hands. That’s the situation I was facing a few weeks ago. Irritated by the infestation of crabgrass, broadleaf and grassy weeds, I decided that it was enough. So, I went ahead and purchased quinkill max crabgrass and weed killer. It’s a DIY product that doesn’t require spending on an exterminator, so it was my obvious choice. I used it as a spot treatment on turf-grass.

quinkill max crabgrass, weed killer

quinkill max crabgrass and weed killer

The product penetrated and was absorbed by the foliage and roots throughout the plant. I read the product label to understand how this item can be used as broadcast spray or for spot treatment services and used it accordingly. Soon enough, I noticed that the leaves and stems of the leaves were curling and twisting. This was because of chlorosis, a condition in which weeds produce insufficient chlorophyll.

I realized that quinkill max crabgrass and weed killer is a perfect post-emergent control product as well. The results were fast and effective. All the grassy weeds and broadleaf weeds were removed. That was quite contending for me. In fact, I recently recommended it to a pastor for the Church garden around our area. Made from Dimethylamine salt, this product was just the thing I needed for lawn care.

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Date: Wednesday, 10. September 2014 2:33
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