The Best Broad Spectrum Insecticides and Pesticides

If you have to deal with cockroaches, bed bugs, stink bug, fleas or ticks, the best option is to opt for a broad spectrum insecticides and pesticides. Here is a list of DIY products that you can try-

Onslaught pesticide:

Onslaught, which offers protection for up to 12 months is a popular pesticide that Americans can use for controlling insects, indoors and outdoors This broad spectrum, microencapsulated insecticide has been designed for food and non food areas, can be used in homes, schools, apartments and theatres along with other areas. The product controls over 70 varieties of pests, including ants, bed bugs, carpet beetles, centipedes, bees, deer fleas, carpenter ants, caterpillars and fireworms.


One of the leading insecticides in the market, Termidor offers trusted protection and fast action kill for termites, ants and a variety of other insects. If you have visited a number of stores and still worried about ‘where to buy Termidor,’ then don’t worry. A few, leading DIY pest control websites offer free shipping on this trusted BASF product.

Cyper TC

Used for pre-post treatment of beetles, this insecticide is a cheaper product that can be employed almost anywhere, providing up 90 days of protection. The product can be used for a wide range of subterranean and dry wood termites.

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Date: Friday, 14. November 2014 5:56
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