Types of Termite Treatment

Termites are a nuisance that every homeowner has to face at some point or the other. While there could be a number of reasons that can trigger their occurrence, the most common is moisture and humidity. Once inside the premises of your homes, you’re certainly in for a tough time. Unless treated the right way, there is no end to the termite menace.

Where to buy Termite treatments?

Choose only licensed termite treatment product stores. Ensure you check that they are certified by a government regulatory body and comply with established quality norms and standards.  Also insure that if the application calls for professional help, invest the extra bit to achieve best results.

onslaught pesticide, where to buy termidor

For instance, Termidor is the number 1 insecticide for termites and is available over the counter at various pesticide stores. However, the best results from this insecticide is seen when it’s deployed by experienced and trained pest control professionals.

Kinds of Treatments

  • Chemical – Chemical treatments are mostly considered since they come with proven results. However, because most of the available treatments require strictly following label instructions, only trained professionals are able to get you the best result for the money invested. However, if you wish to do it yourself, there are two things that need to be kept in mind:
    • Follow the label instructions by the word and ensure setting up the required environment. Don’t just jump onto any onslaught pesticide.
    • Ask your product representative or the company’s product guide on how long you need to be away from your home and when it can be reoccupied.

    Approved termite treatments include:

    • Wood treatments
    • Termite baits
    • Soil-applied liquid termiticides

    Termiticides injected building materials

  • Non-chemical – If you aren’t keen on getting involved with the complication of pesticides, you could try your hands on one of the following remedies:
    • Installing a physical barrier on the wall while the building is being constructed such as one made with different sizes of sand and steel mesh.
    • Biological agents such as fungi and nematodes have also demonstrated considerable success in keeping termites at bay.

Most of us would vouch for chemical termiticides, but how many of us have tried the non-chemical means? Also, was it worth the try? Share your thoughts and experiences with us.

Date: Monday, 13. October 2014 4:57
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