Use these Professional Grade Products for Common Pests

Almost every home encounters a pest infestation at least once. But thankfully, you don’t have to waste your time and money hiring an exterminator when you can use these affordable DIY products. These professional grade products work well for ants, bees and bedbugs.

Rest Easy Bedbug Spray

This professional grade bed bug spray is an all natural substance for your needs. Designed to be a non-irritant, this spray can be used anywhere (even when you are traveling) and can be sprayed directly in rooms (except for food handling areas). It can be used for moths and lice as well. The spray has cinnamon scent.

professional grade bed bug spray

Terro Brand’s Sugar Ant Baits

Ants go crazy over these sugar baits. If you want to kill an ant colony once and for all, this is the product to invest upon. It features borax and sugar. These ant baits also offer residual protection, ensuring that you don’t have to worry about another infestation.

terro brand sugar ant baits

Spectracide Foaming Aerosol Spray

Spectracide carpenter bee killer comes in a handy aerosol spray bottle, providing you the comforts of control bee population without worrying about stinging and infections. The product can kill yellow jackets and carpenter bees on attack. Because of the foam technology, it can spread in infestation areas, providing quick knockdown, even in hard to reach spaces.

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Date: Monday, 24. November 2014 4:06
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