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Having sleepless nights due to a possible bed bug infestation?

Tuesday, 28. January 2014 23:37

Bed bugs have increased in numbers post their widespread sightings since the 1990s. Having initially been wiped out by the 1940s due to the use of DDTs. This time with many such substances banned for their apparent health hazards and environmental effects bed bug infestations have become quite common. It is imperative that you identify the problem at the very outset. These reddish brown creatures with oval shaped flattened bodies primarily survive on human blood. Since these creatures are nocturnal and feed on their human hosts while they are asleep, they may be hard to spot. […]

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On The Wings of A Bed Bug

Wednesday, 19. October 2011 16:48

Do bed bugs have wings?

The answer is yes and no. While bed bugs grow vestigial wings during their adult stage, the wings look like very short pads on the top of the thorax, which are useless organs if they need one to fly. Several bugs’ vestigial wings have a much lighter in color than the rest of the body, but a common bed bug’s have the same reddish brown color as the rest of its body.

bedbug3   Bedbug_Kit  Bedbug73

Vestigial wings serve little or no use to a number of insects, including those of female Oriental cockroaches, particular kinds of grasshoppers, and large blister beetles. Insects are the only anthropods who have wings, some might be rendered useless and some have the capability to fly. Keep Reading!!

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What is the best Bed Bugs treatment to use with my pets

Tuesday, 11. October 2011 14:29


Q: I have bed bugs and I also have a dog and a cat. What is the best treatment to use with my pets

A: Thankfully, bed bugs are not very likely to be on your dogs or cats because they have difficulty traveling through hair and fur. Since there are also no bed bug pesticides that you can spray directly on your pets, your best defense is basically to treat around your pets. Use a relatively low-toxic like Sterifab for the underside of their beds and treat the rooms your pets are often in. You can try looking around for a pet-safe pesticide, but we personally are not aware of any. Good luck!

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Bed Bugs Pictures

Wednesday, 26. January 2011 14:14

Bed Bugs Bites Pictures

bed bugs Bite photoPIC_0533

643bed bugs1bed bugs89bed bugs90bed bugs92bed bugs95bed bugs96bed bugs97bed bugs98bed bugs101bed bugs104bed bugs105bed bugs106bed bugs107bed bugs110bed bugs111bed bugs123bed bugs131bed bugs212bed bugs311bed bugs511bed bugs542bed bugs643bed bugs007bed bug_bedbugbedbus_bitesbedbug_catchBedbug_bedbug_2bedbug_controlandkillbedbug_controlandkill1bedbug_Getridofbedbugs (2)bedbug_Getridofbedbugsbedbug_kitbedbug3bedbug4bedbug6bedbug8bedbug73bedbug119bedbug2200bedbug4800bedbuginspectionpest2bedbuginspectionpest99bedbugs33bedbugs43bedbugs52bedbugsmatressCopy of bedbug_bedbugCopy of bedbug_Bedbug_BitesCopy of bedbug_die

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