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Effective Bed Bug Treatment- Tips and Videos

Saturday, 22. January 2011 17:25

Bed Bugs Treatment Tips:

Bed bugs pictures

Bed Bugs Biting in Action.

Bed Bugs

bed bug inspection. Skill / method for mattress

Bedlam Bed Bug Control Spray

Trap Bed Bugs & Other Insects

Bed Bug Control: Professional Bed Bug Spray

How to Kill Bed Bugs Professionally (w/ Liquids/Sprays)

How to Use Professional Bed Bug Powder

Bed Bug Bite in Action

Live bed bugs

  • Decide the location for the pesticide application.
  • Find out which chemicals can or cannot be applied on mattresses and couches (sensitive areas where many people may frequently come in contact with often.)
  • Longer residual pesticides are not recommended for use on areas such as the mattresses, upholstery, and areas where people may come in direct contact with often
  • Different pesticides have different residual times, therefore it should be reapplied as needed for continual treatment.

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