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Any ways to Avoid Bed Bugs?

Monday, 28. November 2011 10:07

How do we really avoid bed bugs? The answer is we don’t. Once our place is infested, then we need to scramble to use methods which will help eliminate bed bugs. Despite the continued claim that neither insecticides nor non – chemical methods could eliminate bed bugs, we at Pest Mall, have strong faith in the best two ways to eliminate bed bugs. The first way is to completely enclose a particular area or structure and introducing something that will kill the bed bugs. We believe that chemical control is the way to confine them and kill them on contact. Even in an apartment complex, by applying an insecticide like a dust product in the wall void, you can reduce the chances of becoming infested with bedbugs that have come from a neighboring apartment. Another sure – fire way to eliminate bed bugs is through whole – structure heating. If this is done properly, the deadly temperature will kill the bugs, too. Although, some concerned citizens might argue that if the bugs begin to feel the uncomfortable rise of the temperature, they might move to another location where they can deal with the temperature and thus survive. This is where we also endeavor to include the adjacent area or room, the ones beside it, below it and above it. Bed bugs are actually smart creatures. They do not dwell in one place. That is why, with whatever methods we use, whether it be tenting, fumigating, heating, freezing, or using pesticides, it is very important that we consider the surroundings of the house or area because it is common occurrence that if one area is infested with bed bugs, the surroundings are more likely infested, too. KEEP READING

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What You Shouldn’t Do with Bed Bugs

Tuesday, 22. November 2011 11:16

bed bug control, what not to do

To understand the infestation – BEFORE the treatment process

Many people will insist they have an infestation of bed bugs just by looking at new bite marks on their bodies. You should not assume that just any bite like mark on your body means that your home is infested with bed bugs. A physical sighting or sample of the adult bed bug or egg should be seen or caught to make sure that you have bed bugs. If you are unable or unknowledgeable to do your own inspection for bed bugs, professional pest management should be called to do a thorough inspection of your home. Bed bugs are known to be tiny specimens that can hide virtually anywhere, therefore, it will be very hard to see them on your own unless you know where you are looking.

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Save Your Sanity: Bed Bug Tents

Friday, 11. November 2011 9:49

1323_1474_eco_keeper_bedbug_tent_overviewIt seems that in recent times, the entity that runs many cities in the United States and even globally are the infamous BED BUGS! Bed bugs do not portray favoritism and are not prejudiced in what TYPE of person they host on. They have left parents, business owners, students, homeowners, and etc. sleepless and sometimes even pushed to the extremities of being paranoid and almost…insane! Since bed bugs are nocturnal insects, they will feed exclusively during the night time. Moreover, if they are left alone, they reproduce at unbelievable and horrifyingly fast rates! So even when your home is undergoing bed bug treatment, it’s completely understandable that even sleeping in your own bed at night can be like a nightmare and totally uncomfortable. Keep Reading

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Leave Work Without The Bugs

Wednesday, 9. November 2011 12:04

I think pest control professionals may have it the worst. It’s enough that they worry about fleas and cockroaches getting free rides through their work clothes, but now it’s the bed bugs that have become a major concern. Common bed bugs can either crawl up or just fall from the ceiling to find resources. According to one survey, 15% of pest management professionals and technicians say that they have unknowingly and unwittingly brought beg bugs into their own homes by not properly disposing their infested work clothes.

The best way to avoid bringing insect infestation into your home is by using N,N-Diethyl-meta-toluamide or DEET, which is a standard mosquito repellent. Bayer has also developed a “safer” repellent called Picaridin that is claimed to have low acute oral, dermal and inhalation toxicity. While there are no testimonials or independent studies on their effect against bed bugs yet, using the products on shoes and lower areas of your work clothes can still reduce the chances of bed bugs getting a free ride to your houses.

To make sure that bed bugs don’t even get to your vehicle after every treatment, remove your protective clothing even before you climb into your vehicle. Put the clothes in a laundry bag and seal it securely.  We also recommend washing your work clothes in hot water and loading them onto a hot dryer for 30 minutes, as this process kills bed bugs and their eggs. If you’re wearing overalls while working, tape the ends of the pants to bar insects from getting in. It’s better to cover all your bases when it comes to prevention.

For now though, it seems that standard preventative measures by means of physical control like make sure you take off your work clothes before going home and etc. will be the best way to prevent the issue of bring home bugs from work.

Eco Keeper Tent Products

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Are Bed Bugs Selective Eaters?

Tuesday, 8. November 2011 10:49

There are some rare instances that bed bugs are found in a particular area, but the people within that area do not show signs of being of bitten. For me, this is unusual, but not impossible. Similarly, there are instances that a neighboring or adjoining room, one which does not have an obvious infestation of bed bugs has a resident who complains of bed bug bites.

As for me, again this scenario is uncommon, but not impossible at all. However, let me clear this out by starting with the first phenomenon. Based on my knowledge and experiences with bed bugs, they usually stay within the vicinity where their blood source is. So with the puzzle that the residents didn’t show signs of being bitten by bed bugs, this might be because of the level of his body’s immunity to the saliva of the bed bugs. The truth is that he was actually bitten, but his body didn’t show it – no rashes, no swellings, no itch, no uncomfortable feelings. It will take a little longer than usual though for his body to show some effects of the bite of the bed bugs.

The body’s reaction may vary from no reaction at all to extreme reaction, extreme enough that one has to be brought to the hospital for medical treatment. If you are wondering how we could possibly know of our reaction to the bites, the answer is we do not – unless we have experienced being bitten by such. Just remember though that it is possible that if there are five people sleeping on the bed and only one person shows signs of the bed bug bites, it could also be possible that he was the only one bitten. This is because the bed bugs live close their blood hosts. So if only one person is bitten, it means only one person is considered as a blood host as of the moment. The others should not feel relieved yet though.

Sooner or later, the bed bugs may or may not get to you. It’s important to start treatment immediately.

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