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Resistant Bed Bugs?!

Monday, 19. December 2011 12:06

Many people are growing more alarmed these days. Why? Because they have discovered that the common bed bugs have developed some kind of resistance over some of what used to be the most effective insecticides. For people whose only wish is to get rid of these unwanted house guests, this news or development  is really not good. They are now starting to question the ability of the insecticides to kill bed bugs. Their question now is along the lines of whether there are still proven methods of killing these bed bugs when even top products like Steri-Fab and Bedlam no longer “seem” effective enough. KEEP READING

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Work as a Team to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Friday, 16. December 2011 11:36

It’s baffling now that I think about it. There are actually no preventive treatments for bed bugs. So much effort is put on getting rid of these pests, that nobody thought of how to prevent them from coming into a particular structure or home. However, it could be due to the fact that certain regulatory bodies and agencies in the community are not in favor of using pesticides for preventive purposes. KEEP READING

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Ozone and the Effectiveness of Killing Bed Bugs

Monday, 12. December 2011 10:34

Recently, news about the effectiveness of using Ozone to eliminate bed bugs began to spread like wild fire in the pest control business. So what we did at the University was that we launched a major research about the effects of bed bugs. We first examined these pests called common bed bugs and at the same time we also examined the products used to control and eliminate them. Because of the fame of ozone, we focused our attention on it. Our findings are in the following lines:

That yes, ozone is definitely capable of killing bed bugs. The catch is that until this day, we still do not know the extent of its effectiveness in eradicating bed bugs totally. KEEP READING

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Bed Bugs in Multiple Occupancy Units

Thursday, 8. December 2011 9:47

bedbug 011One of the challenges one can ultimately face in this business of dealing with the bed bugs is the fact that there are homes, places or apartments which do not only cater one family. Instead, they house several families. This is what we call as “multiple occupancy”.

Well, with one family, taking precautions and doing some things to eliminate bed bugs is not very difficult since the thing that you do first is to talk to the head of the family then plan out the best approach to the problem. After the talk, you can then obtain a go signal from the head of the family and proceed with the plan. Now, with more people in an area, there is the possibility that some occupants might not agree to the proposal. And the possibility of the more than usual clutter is also there. What do you do it this is the case then? KEEP READING

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Preventing Bed Bugs

Wednesday, 7. December 2011 11:07

The bed bug alert level is rising these days. In the past years, only homes were infested and considered places where bed bugs love to live. These days, however, apartments, motels and hotels, theaters, stores, schools, dorms, hospitals and even buses and trains are susceptible to bed bug infestations. How did this happen?

Well, one thing is that bed bugs will be carried anywhere through clothes, fabrics, luggage and baggage. People are asking us for any product that can prevent bed bug infestations. But as of the moment, experts on bed bugs are coming up with definitive answers. But even expert researchers are unable to come up with a preventative measure for bed bugs. KEEP READING

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