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Fire Ant Control: The Fall Season is the Best Season

Friday, 9. September 2011 11:51

As the weather gets cooler, its fortunate that some of the crawling insects are beginning to die down. However, there are some insect pests that will be the most active during this cooling season when the nights get a little bit chillier and the days get shorter. Moreover, controlling some of these insect pests during the fall season can really mean a lot when it comes to the following spring season. Amongst a few of these insect pests, one of the most painful or annoying insect pests that can be controlled during the fall season are fire ants.

Habits of Fire Ants: A Seasonal Thing

There are said to be two main seasons of activity for fire ants. If one studied their behavior, they will easily see why they behave in such a manner. The peak activity seasons for fire ants are spring and fall. Of course, fire ants have huge social colonies. In order to survive, fire ants have adapted to and avoided the extremes of summer heat and winter cold by digging deep into the ground and almost “hibernating” during these seasons. Ideally, they begin foraging for food and actively mate in the spring, “hide” and continue breeding during the summer in the cool dirt, return during the fall to finish foraging for food, and then finally go into “hibernation” during the winter season. Keep Reading

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