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Are Bed Bugs Vectors of Disease?

Monday, 27. February 2012 14:41

This is also one question that I need to clear out. Can bed bugs be considered vectors of certain diseases? I mean why not? Mosquitoes, fleas and roaches are capable of doing that, so what is the difference with bed bugs? This is something that many people ask us and are curious about.

Based on what I found out, I guessed that yes, it is a logical thing that all blood sucking insects could be carriers of diseases. We call them vectors and the viruses/ bacteria that they carry or pass along from one host to another are called pathogens. Well, most insects are considered as carriers of certain disease like malaria, yellow fever, dengue, plague, West Nile virus, encephalitis, hepatitis and even HIV and so many more. KEEP READING

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Heat vs. Bed Bugs

Friday, 24. February 2012 10:16

Our topic for today is the role of heat in the complicated and challenging process of treating a house full of equipments which are infested with bed bugs.

Studies show that the heat is one of the top enemies of bed bugs. These house pests cannot withstand an extremely hot temperature. Based on research, if you subject an area (with a possible bed bug infestation), to a temperature of 113 degrees Fahrenheit for at least an hour, then you can be assured that all bed bugs in all their stages will be killed. KEEP READING

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Ozone and the Effectiveness of Killing Bed Bugs

Monday, 12. December 2011 10:34

Recently, news about the effectiveness of using Ozone to eliminate bed bugs began to spread like wild fire in the pest control business. So what we did at the University was that we launched a major research about the effects of bed bugs. We first examined these pests called common bed bugs and at the same time we also examined the products used to control and eliminate them. Because of the fame of ozone, we focused our attention on it. Our findings are in the following lines:

That yes, ozone is definitely capable of killing bed bugs. The catch is that until this day, we still do not know the extent of its effectiveness in eradicating bed bugs totally. KEEP READING

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