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Wednesday, 26. June 2013 15:02

Sometimes, we wonder really, where are all these bugs inside our house coming from? The truth is that they do not appear from thin air and don’t magically reproduce from the dust in your walls. These sneaky little critters have made their way inside your house, thinking that your home is the perfect long term hotel that provides them with all the necessary things they need for survival – food, water, and shelter. So what we want to make sure to tell you is that you have to be proactive in keeping the bugs out and our opinion is, and maybe many will agree, we’d rather keep them out in the first place than deal with them firsthand after they’ve already come inside.

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What’s An IGR: Is IGR Really Useful?

Wednesday, 29. February 2012 17:26

The use of IGRs have been quite helpful in controlling insects. IGR, or the insect growth regulator, has proven immediate effect on the lingering presence of some of the most pesky insect pests in homes. The question is, is the insect growth regulator effective at preventing growth on flea eggs, larvae or pupae or other insects? Many people also ask if it will kill the insect or how does it really effect each stage of development in the insect. KEEP READING

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Nuvan ProStrips

Thursday, 22. December 2011 9:59

Here are some important reminders on how to use the Nuvan pest strips. We, at Pest Mall, are presenting these guidelines because recently we have received complains on the failure of these Nuvan pest strips to do their magic.

Nuvan Packages

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